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Rebekah by Orson Scott Card
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Jul 09, 2010

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I really enjoy Orson Scott Card. I have really enjoyed the Women of Genesis Series. i did, however, have kind of a problem with this book.
This is about Rebekah, the wife of Isaac. Growing up in her fathers household, having faith in the only God, she was chosen as the Bride of Abrahams son Isaac. Rebekah is the mother of Jacob and Esau,(the two involved in the whole "sell me your birthright" episode.)
This is her story of love and faith and motherhood and serving God and defending her faith against the idol worshippers of her time.

All in all it was very well written. It kept me engrossed, even though I KNEW what was going to happen from reading the bible stories as a child.
However some of these characters were a little much.
First of all, Isaac is SUCH a milquetoast! He is just suck a sad sack and full of self doubt and has no self confidence. Kind of like an eyore from Winnie the Pooh.
Rebecca on the other hand is such a know it all.And she is Always having to coddle Isaac and tell him he is great. I got a little tired of all their conversations. It kind of drove me nuts. A basic variation of 75% of their conversations:

Isaac: Im terrible
Rebekah: No you're great. And we're great because we worship god.
Isaac: I dont feel great. i feel like god has abandoned me
Rebekah: No we are fantastically wonderful people. God has to bless us.
Isaac: I dont know. My dad doesnt like me. My mom babied me and my brother wants to kill me. wah wah wah
Rebekah: Oh Isaac, we are so faithful and the best. You are a great man. Yes you are. dont say that yes you are. And I am a great mom and I say that Jacob is the best son and esau is a delinquint.Jacob Jacob Jacob Jacob Jacob.

Abraham, the father of all nations, was kind of a jerk. He and his son did not have a good relationship. rebekah and Abraham butted heads. This is not exactly how I imagined a prophet of God. I cant imagine God wanting to have a conversation with someone so "mean". Abraham was like a helicopter grandfather.

It was a good book. The story was great, but I feel like it ended a little abruptly. I would have liked it to go a little further past the birthright episode.

Another good installment in the women of genesis. 3 stars despite the character faults that made me crazy!

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