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Sages and Sinners by Ina Moody
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Dec 27, 2007

it was ok
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Read in February, 2008

Just started reading, but I'm a little bit hesitant already...the cover looks like a photocopy. a bad one. This has the makings of a self-published book. The punctuation error on the cover and the first page with lines like "rose pedals" strewn about are making me a mite nervous...but hopefully the thoughts contained inside are interesting and can move beyond the mistakes.

hmmm, I learned some new phrases that used words like, crab, lab and slab for crap, lap and slap. Who knew?

Of course, I'm referring here to the homemade nature of this publication--not very well proofread by someone that has English as their first language (the author is dutch I think) and the use of commas, in, a, sentence, was, really, overdone. The plot was predictable and contrived. The prose was basic and not very exciting. The characters were not comfy and cozy and likeable. The only redeeming qualities to this book were the themes of yoga and meditation that are universal and not touched by the lacking storyline and writing abilities of the author. Because I'm an avid yogi with all that entails spiritually, I found that, at the very least, I liked the yogic concepts touched upon. Though, if I'd known then what I know now, I'd be more likely to pick up the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali and get the spiritual connectedness to the philosophies of yoga from that and not read this story. But, it was a quick read, and I don't feel like my time was completely wasted. So, I'll say "it was ok."

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