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Claire de Lune by Christine   Johnson
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Jul 09, 2010

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Reading this shortly after Sisters Red makes for a study in contrasts - both stories are nominally about werewolves, but while one is a horror/thriller with touches of romances and a strong girl-power relationship at the core, Claire de Lune is much more in line with the usual paranormal romance trend that's swept through YA lit over the past few years.

I enjoyed the basics of the story - Johnson's particular twist on the werewolf (loup-garou) legends, the matriarchal werewolf pack structure, and the mystery about who the lone werewolf was that has set a whole town on edge, as its murdering people apparently at random. Like [Book: The Body Finder], the tension mounts as we get brief glimpses from the rogue werewolf's point of view, usually as she's about to bite through the throat of a hapless human victim.

Those parts really shouldn't have been the highlight of the novel.

I found myself getting hugely annoyed with the storyline between Claire and her best friend, Emily. Emily seemed to serve no purpose, other than to give Claire an excuse to talk awkwardly and super-briefly about her burgeoning romance with Matthew - the son of a famous werewolf hunter (don't get excited - the dad's a nerdy scientist, not Hugh Jackman as Van Helsing or anything). I also get really annoyed with parent-child relationships where the parent refuses to tell the child anything important. It gets worse when, like Claire's mother does here, she flat out tells Claire that there's lots to learn about being a werewolf, but she has to wait three months before she can get any real answers, despite the very obvious danger of the rogue werewolf on the prowl.

I really wish more time had been spent on the history of the world. Werewolves are a fact of life in the story - but we're given no indication of how long humanity has been aware of werewolves. Were they ever the stuff of legend? When did the various anti-werewolf government agencies form? And Claire makes a passing reference to how silver doesn't harm werewolves, musing that some werewolf long ago had pulled a fast one on the humans - how on earth did that happen?! So many questions, so few answers.

The strong point of the novel is Claire and, to an extent, her romance with Matthew. It's not a groundbreaking paranormal romance, but it was nice to see a totally normal relationship contrasted with how not normal Claire's life is once she learns she's a werewolf herself.

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34.0% "Do Claire and Emily ever start talking about something OTHER than the cute guy? It's getting tres annoying."

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