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Ice Cold by Tess Gerritsen
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Jul 09, 2010

it was amazing
bookshelves: mystery-thriller
Read in July, 2010

You'd think that once the 8th book in a series rolls around, the author would lose steam with the characters and they would transform into caricatures of what they once were. This is not at all the case with Ice Cold. In fact, I am positive that Ice Cold has to be the best one yet, even beating The Mephisto Club when it comes to my favorite Rizzoli and Isles book.

Ice Cold was definitely the Rizzoli and Isles book with the most suspense. The whole survival story line had me flipping the pages at an alarming rate while simulatenously frustrating me because I really wasn't making the book last. The tension, of course, won out and I ended finishing Ice Cold in about three hours. Usually when I'm this far into a series, it becomes less about the cases and more about the characters. However, if you take Rizzoli and Isles out of this book, I still think I'd love it to bits and pieces.

Ice Cold was just so creepy, sure the tension was there, but I was a bit scared throughout the whole novel. I was so relieved that I started and finished this while it was still light outside, otherwise I would've been a mess (more of a mess). The plot was also infuriating. Not in the "the author has no idea what she's talking about" kind of way, but in the "this subject just really pisses me off" way. That's basically the way I feel when it comes to polygamist sects, but this was done in a way that I didn't finish the book completely upset (or more upset than I usually am when it comes to this subject).

Now the characters: I'm still in love with them, hence why tears came to my eyes when I read the synopsis for this book. Jane Rizzoli is all types of badass regularly, but she was just plain awesome in this book. Maura Isles' broke my heart with her whole situation with Daniel and I felt so bad for her. I think this is the one book where she shows the most vulnerability. This is also the book that sheds light to how close Jane and Maura really are. I found myself "aww"-ing when everything came to light and how Jane was there for Maura. I kept thinking "Aww! They're such good friends, even though they insist on calling each other colleagues!" I've also been missing Gabriel these past couple of books and he's here in all his shiny and awesome glory. Not enough Barry Frost (I enjoyed him in the last book), but I guess I can excuse that since he did have a significant part in The Keepsake.

So, I have to say that Ice Cold was the best Rizzoli and Isles yet. It just started out great and kept on going strong. Plus, Tess Gerritsen seems to be great at not making it absolutely necessary to pick up the previous books in the series (although you absolutely should), yet doesn't make all the readers who already have feel like she was repeating the same old information that we already knew. It was just some sprinkled here and there. Anyway, I highly recommend Ice Cold. It was creepy, suspenseful, and just an amazing mystery read all around. Can't wait for her next book in this series and am so excited that the show premieres in 3 days. YAY!
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