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Dead Is a State of Mind by Marlene Perez
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Jul 07, 2010

really liked it
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Recommended for: Mind-readers
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The Gist

Prom is only weeks away, and Ryan still hasn’t asked Daisy to go with him. Daisy is beginning to worry, but her best friend Samantha Devereaux insists that Ryan will come through eventually. Meanwhile, a ghost is terrorizing Mort’s Mortuary. When the Giordano sisters go to investigate, the ghost turns out to be a passed high school student, who just isn’t ready to die just yet. Poppy immediatly warms up to the ghost and begins to trust him, even though he’s dead. Rose and Daisy warn her that it’s really not smart to become friendly with someone who isn’t alive, but Poppy could care less. So she speds all of her free time in a Mortuary, getting to know one of the dead. While Poppy is having the time of her life, and Rose is off having a good time with her boyfriend, Ryan keeps canceling dates or not showing up. Samatha tries telling her that he’s just not feeling well lately. But Daisy doesn’t really know what to believe. To add to her stress, a teacher is found dead in Nightshade’s park, and the council is beginning to think that a werewolf is the culprit. Daisy wants to figure out this mystery before anyone else is hurt.

What We Think

Reviewed by Dream Catcher

If you’ve read Dead is the New Black then you would guess that the sequel is quite similar. And it really is. This book obviously has the same writing style, and it is again in the mystery genre. But the story is different. This time instead of Daisy wondering if Ryan really wants to date her, she has to figure out whether or not he’s cheating on her. This gives the story a bit more drama. Though I like this element in the story, the way Daisy reacts annoys me. She’s either whiny, or uncaring. Other than that, I think I liked this book more than the first one. It was more exciting and definitely more dramatic. If you like the first book (or even if you didn’t love it) then you would like this even more. In my opinion definitely worth the read.

Real Teen Rating~ B : Read it, but there’s no rush.

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