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Nightlight by The Harvard Lampoon
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Jul 07, 10

did not like it
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The Gist

Belle Goose has recently moved from her beloved home in Arizona to the desolate town of Switchblade, Oregon to live with her dad. As the town window-washer, her father Jim knows the majority of the town and made sure that everyone knew of Belle’s arrival. Everyone knows who she is and why she came to Switchblade. But none of this matters to Belle, because her first day of school brings trouble in the form of the computer fanatic, Edwart Mullen. Handsome, smart, and moody, Edwart intrigues Belle the moment she sees him in the school cafeteria. She instantly comes to the conclusion that Edwart is a vampire. She knows that she will do anything – even become a vampire herself! – to be with him.

What We Think

Reviewed by Dream Catcher

Let’s get something straight here: this is not a book copying Twilight. This is a book making fun of Twilight. That’s the only reason I read it at all. Sadly, it was a let down. At the beginning everything was fine. Funny, actually. With her attitude, Belle Goose effectively and hilariously made fun of Bella Swan’s whiny moods and obsessive thoughts. The plot of Nightlight was as weak as Twilight‘s. But then everything started to get annoying. I got tired of Belle ranting about Edwart’s beauty (though Bella does talk about it a lot in Twilight) or Belle going on and on about Edwart’s vampirism. Also, Belle had a huge ego. And huge ego in main characters is something I simply can not tolerate. She was convinced that everyone was in love with her when, in reality, no one was. It was seriously annoying to read. Every so often, because of the characters’ ability to annoy me, I had to put the book down so I wouldn’t throw it across the room. Belle’s annoying habits and whining, though quite similar to Bella’s (but a bit exaggerated) got old fast. There was also little to no character development which was weird considering the characters had a lot of room to develop. But perhaps the authors were trying to point out that in Twilight there was hardly any character development. So if they were trying to make a statement: Bravo! If not, then they seriously should have added character development. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m big on character development. All in all, it was a relatively weird book which I would only recommend if you have an extreme tolerance for ego, and enjoy making fun of the well-loved (and well-hated) book known as Twilight.

Real Teen Rating~ D+ : Use it as an excuse not to do things.
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