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Reunion by Meg Cabot
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Jul 07, 2010

it was amazing
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The Gist

Life in Carmel, California is niiiiice. The sun is always out, and even when it’s only March you can hang out at the beach and not freeze. Suze Simon is seriously living the good life, and best of all, her friend Gina is visiting from New York. Perfect? Well, it was. Until Suze ran into four newly dead teens, affectionately nicknamed the RLS Angels, who are out for revenge against a boy in her grade who accidentally ran them off the road. So now she’s stuck watching nerdy Michael Meducci like a hawk, making sure the RLS Angels don’t get him. And he seems to have a little crush on her. Ick. With the help of Gina, Father Dominic, and of course, Jesse, Suze has to find the truth and get rid of the RLS Angels, before Michael gets too…attached.

What We Think

Reviewed by Living Destiny

So this is the third book in the Mediator series. I read it a while ago, and have been putting off doing the review. Because I’m lazy. Oops. Anyway, the third book was not the best one in the series at all. I’m not saying it was bad, I’m just saying it wasn’t the best. The plot was interesting, but very bizarre. Four newly dead teens on an anger rampage, going after the guy who accidentally-or-maybe-not caused their car to drive off of a cliff. This guy happens to be a nerd, who of course falls for Suze. She seems to attract all the dangerous guys (or at least the guys in danger). Very weird. But exciting and gripping, nonetheless.

Michael Meducci, the guy being attacked by the RLS Angels, is really a creeper. For the whole book, he tries to be a tough guy even though he totally isn’t. He also labors under the impression that Suze is in love with him. Which she’s not. It’s pathetic, and I don’t like his character. But I do like Gina a lot. She’s a serious punk girl, with wild hair and piercings, and tons of cutting edge clothes that freak out the locals. She’s very opinionated, and makes trouble for fun, which makes for some very entertaining moments in the story.

The story is slightly predictable, but not too bad. There were a couple of surprising moments that kept me at least on the balls of my feet, if not my toes. The ending was a bit of a twist, and it aggravated me a little. Suze acts rashly, and by now she should know better. But it turned out ok-ish. I guess.

The very ending (think last three pages) was especially good. It surprised me, because I was expecting something different. Well, maybe I wasn’t expecting anything, and that was the problem. But I wouldn’t have thought that what happened would happen. In a good way.

This book was not bad. I think it’s my least favorite book in the series. But it was still OK. If you’re reading the series, then definitely read this book to keep the series going.

Real Teen Rating~A-: Read it!

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