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The Host by Stephenie Meyer
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Sep 20, 2010

it was amazing
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The Gist

The world is over. But Melanie Stryder has managed to hang on to the life she knows she deserves. When the world was first taken over, no one actually knew it was happening. Secret aliens who refer to themselves as souls have invaded countless planets before Earth. They’ve gone in undercover and took over the minds of creatures who didn’t know about what was going on and slowly took over ever creature on that planet, until they all looked exactly like they had always looked, but now they were controlled by a tiny silver “worm” in the back of their heads, their entire beings basically the souls’ bodies now. Entire planets now populated with Souls instead of what was supposed to populate them. Now, Souls have taken over the Earth and those few humans who have managed to escape them within the first few years of attack have to hide for their lives. Souls set out to find rebel humans still alive and capture them, at once turning them into Souls. Melanie is on the run in Arizona with her brother Jamie when he first meets Jared; a rebel human, one of the few left, and now her only hope. When she’s captures and forced to become one of the enemy, she refuses to let go, and she remains in the back of Soul’s head, an annoyance and humiliation. Wanderer, the soul to take over Melanie, is just trying to find her place in the world. She wants to fit in and feel strong. But that’s kind of hard when their’s a rebel human’s voice nagging you in the back of your mind. Human resistance when the soul is already in the body was not normal, and she feels disgraced. Finally, after living with Melanie and her memories for too long, Wanderer cracks and does what Melanie tells her. They drive into the middle of a desert where Melanie is sure a group of rebel humans live so she can see Jared and Jamie again. And a group of humans who just might be able to get Wanderer out of her.

What We Think

Reviewed by Dream Catcher

The famous and infamous Stephenie Meyer. I know what you must be thinking. Somehow this must be another Twilight in disguise! But it’s really not. It’s much better. Though my long and rambling gist may not have been enough to convince you of that. This book (unlike Twilight) has a complicated and very interesting plot that kept me eager to read more. Though some of the characters reminded me of those from the Twilight Series, the Host characters we even better in my opinion. The only thing was, you either absolutely loved a character, or you hated them. At least when I read it. There were no characters were I was on the fence, really. There was only one character that I didn’t like but wanted to like. And that was Jared. So I guess he as kind of in the middle for me…but still things should never be so black and white in a book. Another thing: this was science-fiction, aliens-taking-over-the-world book, but it wasn’t stupid. It wasn’t real geeky science-fiction. It was really cool. The whole idea was really great and I was constantly interested. The writing, of course, was phenomenal, as it is in everything else Stephenie Meyer has written (though some wouldn’t like to admit it, I suppose). Overall, I thought this book was much better than the Twilight series, so those of you who hate Twilight, give this a shot anyways because it’s totally different (no vampires included). And for all you who loved Twilight and are incredible obsessed, I won’t have to tell you twice, will I? And then there’s the category who didn’t really care so much about Twilight. Don’t love it, don’t hate it; in between really. Read it. It’ll be worth it. And the people who haven’t read Twilight? Why shouldn’t you read this? So you wouldn’t read Twilight under pain of death. So what? This isn’t Twilight and I would certainly recommend it to most everyone.

Real Teen Rating~ A+ : Why are you still reading this, go buy this book now!

Reviewed by ShoreWhisperer

I haven’t met a person who hasn’t liked this book. Many people who first look at the book are put off by the fact that Stephanie Meyer wrote it. To all you Twilight haters out there, just because she wrote the Twilight Saga it doesn’t mean that her other books are the same. For example,Living was stubborn and refused vehmently whenever the rest of us suggested that she read Twilight so when I heard she was reading The Host I was surprised. I will let her tell you what she thought of it but she was not disappointed. You have to give this book a try. The writing is a hundred times better than her other books. The characters, although you can relate them back to her other books, seem to be real. They seem to leap off the page. The memories she puts into the story make it seem like you are best friends with Melanie and she also uses them to make you sympathetic, hateful and other things towards characters. The writing is skillful and still easy for teenagers to read even though the book was aimed at an older audience, at first. Supposedly this book is the sci-fi book for the people that like sci-fi. But even though there is a lot of sci-fi in it, you don’t notice it, it’s nothing bizarre and crazy that will creep you out so don’t let that hold you back. This book is good for everyone, I would recommend it to anyone. There are no dull points in this book, and the setting and time period have you never wanting to put down the book. Not only does the book have the page turner effect, it has you feel every different type of emotion physically possible in the span of 619 pages that contains the story. Not only that but then there is the additional chapter that is now being passed around. This book will not let you down so put it on the top of your “To Read” lists.

Real Teen Rating~ A+ : Why are you still reading this, go buy this book now!

Reviewed by Living Destiny

As I know I’ve already stated somewhere, I did not read the Twilight series. And I’ll freely admit that when I saw North Star and Dream Catcher reading this book I thought ‘Oh great, another Twilight for me to hear about’. But over the summer North told me to read the book, and I figured if I didn’t give it a try, North and Dream might just attack me. Not that I couldn’t take them, but I figured I’d just avoid the carnage. So I took The Host with a smile on my face, and decided to just get through it. When I started it, I really wasn’t that into it. It was a cool concept and everything, but the writing and the story wasn’t catching my attention very well. It got better though, and by page 70-ish I was fully engrossed. I ended up totally sucked in, and I found myself eagerly devouring page after page. I finished it less than two weeks after I got it, lounging on a dock on a lake in Maine, hanging with my cousins and basking in the sunlight. Wow do I ever miss summer.
So, the book: it really was incredible. I admit that part of me didn’t expect this book to amount to anything. I was wrong. The characters were the absolute best part of the book for me. I liked Melanie and Jeb, and most of the other characters too, but my favorite characters were definitely Wanderer, Jamie and Ian. The was only one character I really didn’t like, and that was Jared (although, like Dream, I felt like I should have liked him). He was too angry and twitchy, and something about him just made me want to punch things.
The whole plot of the story was very entertaining. It made me think about what it would be like if I was put into Melanie’s position (and if a book or plot makes me think, then it’s a good one). Another thing that I really loved about this book was the fact that it broke so many labels. At first, it was labeled as an adult novel (written, as Shore said, for an older audience). However, it turned more towards YA after Twilight fans felt themselves clamoring for more Stephenie Meyer. Also, a lot of people say this is a science fiction book. While I see where that comes from, this book shouldn’t be judged solely on that. Maybe you aren’t a fan of sci-fi; that’s fine, but there’s still a very good chance that you’ll like this book. It really can’t be squished into one classification. It has a little bit of everything!
I loved this book. I really did. I hate being wrong (as any of the others will tell you), but in this instance, I appreciated being proved wrong. I feel the need to thank Shore for totally putting words in my mouth in her review, but at the same time, she’s right: I wasn’t disappointed, and you won’t be either.

Real Teen Rating~ A+ : Why are you still reading this, go buy this book now!

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41.0% "not as bad as i thought it would be... ~Living Destiny"
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07/27/2010 page 313
51.0% "definitely sucked in now! I really don't like Jared... ~Living Destiny"

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Jamie Oh whoa reading the host so you're enjoying it? i did there's a movie on it's way lol books to movies is some trend huh?

message 2: by Shy (new) - rated it 3 stars

Shy Great to know that you enjoyed this. I am pleasantly surprise that the book was way better than I expected it to be =)

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