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The Reformed Vampire Support Group by Catherine Jinks
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Jul 06, 10

Nina and her vampire friends don't run around town in sexy clothes seducing their meals, they generally sit at home, too sick to do much but eat a hamster and watch television. Artificial light can cause them to bleed from the eyes (but they're ok with TV and computer monitors) so vampires rarely go outside. Since feeding from a human automatically turns the human into a vamp, Nina and her friends only feed from hamsters, keeping them very weak.
When one of the group members, and the vampire responsible for turning them all, is killed, everyone gets scared. In the group's attempt to solve the murder and protect themselves, Nina, Dave and the others move out of their comfort zone in order to protect themselves.
This was a very interesting take on the vampire myth. These vampires are weak, scared, and plagued by health issues since they don't drink human blood. At one point Nina and Dave are driving to the Outback to track down a lead, and Nina realizes that she hasn't seen this part of town in over 30 years. Over the course of the story she learns to work with her limitations in order to have a fuller life. I also liked the types of jobs the different vampires had - they were quite imaginative. A sprinkling of pop culture will date the book in a few years, but really fleshed out their world.
This was a fun book, made more so because these vampires were so different from those in popular vampire books. The story moved along at a nice pace, the characters were original (c'mon, hypochondriac vamps are new), and the surprises along the way were unanticipated.
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