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The Witches by Roald Dahl
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May 08, 07

bookshelves: children
Read in January, 1996

Warning: Extremely Long Review and Childhood Storytelling

When I was ten or eleven, I was sitting in the playground at summer camp, minding my own business and reading this book, when one of the playground supervisers came and asked me what I was reading. When I showed it to him, his eyes got wide and he took the book from me. Then he went to the trash can and started ripping it up, page by page. And he washed his hands afterwards, "to get rid of the filth." It was a library book. He was just going on and on about how young children shouldn't read about witchcraft because they might want to become witches, etc. etc. If you've read the book, you know that Dahl doesn't exactly idealize witches. Well, when my dad came to pick me up, he let this guy have it (yay Dad!) and I got a popsicle. So the story ends well, but I always remember this incident when I see this book. And because of that, this book is what I think of when I consider censorship and how detrimental it is to our society. I barely remember what happens in The Witches, but I love it simply because of what it represents to me.
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waxpoeticness hahahahahahaha That story is so awesome. I wish I had cool censorship stories, but I feel like mine would be more scarring than triumphant... cuz that's just who i am.

Jessica Wow. That is intense.

message 3: by Grace (new) - added it

Grace What an ass! Excuse the language but that's the most appropriate term I can think of. I really hate when people try to take the place of parents.

message 4: by Ula (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ula oh god, your childhood memory is the best example why is it good to read books, because the guy who ripped your copy had no clue what was The Witches about . the idiot just came to conclusion it's evil!

Gabi That is an example of when a person judged a book by it's cover. Not cool. But way to go for your dad how he got him back!!! Woo hoo!!!! ;)

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

That story reminds me of the dad in Matilda.

Abigail You got some twisted yard duty.
It's a great book!

Edmund Davis-Quinn Wow, I hope he learned his lesson.

message 9: by Dee (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dee wow, I can't believe he ripped it up! glad your dad gave him what for though!

message 10: by Nana (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nana I agree, Lyndsy(did i spell that right?) it was the first thing i thought of!

Katherine Dennihy Sounds just like the dad in Matilda. That guy should have been fired.

message 12: by Kaitlynn (new) - added it

Kaitlynn hope he had to pay for that book

message 13: by Jared (last edited Feb 11, 2014 07:36AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jared Dicarlo Wow! Good thing your dad saved your skin and told that man what for! Kinda sounds like my dad.

message 14: by Mohamedmussa (new) - added it

Mohamedmussa Shit

message 15: by Mohamedmussa (new) - added it

Mohamedmussa Shit

B-dawg I love this book somehow Dahl always finds a way to make me die laughing

message 17: by Trinity (new) - added it

Trinity Laymaster WOW.

Daisy Leann milton I love your story it is very all some. I want to read more I like reading scary books.

Clara Gee I am am shocked he ripped up the book. I was thinking how the man was going toread it himself. I also hope he paid for the book.

message 20: by Assailed (new) - added it

Assailed how can i read this book do i have to buy it

Kelsey Deming Your dad sounds like a keeper. Ripping up a library book

Kelsey Deming Grr part of my comment was deleted. This book is magical and your dad is my hero!

Camii Ripping pages off a library book and labeling it as irrelevant, all in a 'Matilda' style!? Well hot damn, I really wish he paid for it.

Hdjiehjrijej how do you read

elysse levi brown I love this book

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