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Dreamfever by Karen Marie Moning
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I have no words.

No, that's not entirely true. I have lots. I have questions coming out of my ears and a fierce desperation to KNOW MORE NOW. But alas, I'll wait for the next and final installment, and every once in a while until then my head will churn with the possibilities.

Simply put, this book is epic. I know people of my generation throw that word around like confetti, but when it comes to the story of Mac Lane; the book Dreamfever is simply put, epic.

It's very likely I might die by cliffhanger, and so much of me wants to hate the author for the anguish, but I got off lucky since I just discovered this series thanks to Kristy, (who now has to listen to all my theories, hopes and fears) and my wait for the next one is 6 months rather than a year and a half, and as tied up in knots as I am, I'm grateful now just to be a part of the crowd in the know. This is a fecking fantastic series that combines everything I love about a good book. The relationships are heavy and tangled with so much emotion that it twists you up as you read. The mystery is constantly shifting and always getting bigger as the stakes ratchet up higher with every book. Mac is a heroine you grow and change with, her evolution a poignantly honest one in a world gone mad. All of the characters around her matter. Dreamfever is sexy, tortured, badass, full of mystery and action in the warped/believable/enthralling world Moning has created with a genuis' paintbrush. This is a vivid world that is too easy to disappear and lose yourself to, which I think is why her fans feel a little dazed after reading. We want to jump back in and KNOW MORE NOW, because it is that good. Moning writes in a way where not one word is wasted. And I'll eat up every single one she spoons out to us.

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