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Jul 05, 2010

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Read in July, 2010

Okaaaaay. So on io9 a few months back, someone actually accused my Goodreads account of being manufactured by my "people" to "cull with the fan base" because I rate everything 4 or 5 stars and series tend to get the same score across the bar. I think its the most insulting comment I've gotten on the internet, haha. And referring to my "people" is like, so hilarious, because I'm a poor web series producer, and I have one agent and that's it and I do everything else myself and, well, whatever.

Anyhoo, I'm gonna be more liberal about listing books that I read. This book falls into the "I dunno if I loved it but I KNOW there are people out there who will."

First the positive: Really good dialogue. For some reason I REALLY liked the main character, so it was easy to take the ride with her. Lots of characters whose personality came through and were engaging despite the setups being familiar in the genre. I enjoyed the plotting, there's nothing at all new about the vampire world, but the writing itself was strong enough that I wanted to read the whole thing and stayed up until 3am doing so. Especially with all the requisite plot points: Training to be a badass (and having crazy powers you never knew about), love triangle with two requisite hotties, etc etc.

Negative: Er, there are several things I wanna call out. First: Mentioning "Buffy" in one of these vampire paranormal romance novels is ok ONCE, but three times!? REALLY? Started to make me LOOK for similarities in plot/setup, which isn't necessarily good.

Second: All the vampires live in one house like a sorority dorm, really? I mean, the author even calls this out and makes fun of it a little, but at the same time she's totally using it for REAL, kinda can't make fun of it and embrace it at the same time, right? And they're all dressed in black Armani, and attractive and broody etc etc. I was giggling a few times because it was just too "Vampire Diaries" for my taste. The author has a great sense of humor, but with the mechanics, the world is pretty much every vampire setup EVER. I kinda felt at a few points this whole thing was aimed more towards teenagers. There isn't a lot of racy stuff so actually this would be a good choice for Twilights

Third: Why did all the guys hot guys have "light green" eyes? I don't understand, seriously, that's just a detail that really bugged me. Blue eyes and brown eyes can be sexy too, and differentiate between the hot guys in the love triangle! I felt like I was in "Big Trouble in Little China" for a bit.

Here's the upshot: If you're looking for a fluffy romp through familiar urban fantasy territory you will like this. And the second book BTW was better than the first, so I will totally read the third, coming out next week.
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message 1: by Tamahome (new)

Tamahome I didn't believe those snarky io9'ers. Otherwise you would have give all of Laurell Hamilton's books 5 stars. :)

message 2: by Dallas (new)

Dallas from the hip, I`d say >9000 vampire books are terrible.

CJ - It's only a Paper Moon I had a lot of my goodreads friends rec this book to me. The more that I see that people like this, the more remiss I feel about not reading this sooner. Maybe I'll put this on the list after the "Hathaways" series.

message 4: by C (new)

C wtf does "cull with the fanbase" even mean? LOL Is it cool internet slang I just haven't heard? I read cull as "to thin the herd" sooo your "people" are trying to thin out your fan base?
Tell them to quit bitching about you and open one of those books ... One might have the word "cull" used properly in a sentence, which will make their insults look a little less ridiculous.
Don't take this crap seriously. Read your books, enjoy them, and share them with us! I enjoy reading what you have to say and seeing what you're reading - it's usually something I've never even heard of yet and if it is something I've read, I like to see what you have to say.

message 5: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Kronk You should totally encourage the idea that you have "people." It makes you sound like you have tons of money and therefor, in Hollywood fashion, people will be more willing to give you money.
Seriously, though, I like your reviews and listen to your opinions. Not saying I drop everything and read what you are reading but I have flagged many of your books. We seem to have similar tastes afterall. :)

message 6: by Michael (new)

Michael Screw these people. Maybe you purposefully read books you know you'll like. I wish I could be in that zone!

message 7: by Craig (new)

Craig Williams Ah, ah, you see - you just "happened" to choose a book that mentions Buffy not once, but THRICE?? A tv show that you happened to star in? I'm onto you Ms. Day... the conspiracy grows thicker! Haha, j/k - no, seriously, that guy you mentioned is a douche. Who the fuck would start a goodreads account to "cull a fanbase"???? Especially if you're not even a writer (well, of books anyway). Fuck that guy.

As to your review, I haven't read the book, nor would I (not my bag), but I laughed when you mentioned every attractive character having green eyes. It reminded me of a girl in my writing class who was probably the most consistently worst writer in the class, and all of her male characters, oddly, had purple eyes. My theory is that she watches way too much anime. Can people even have purple eyes??? Still, if Stephanie Meyer can get published, I'm sure this girl will eventually too. (On a side note, just to give you an idea of how awful her stuff was, she actually wrote a play in my Drama class where the characters go to "Harry Potter world" - she wasn't being ironic or satirical, she is dead friggin' serious).

message 8: by AJ (new)

AJ io9 is just jealous that you have more people following your tastes than they do.

message 9: by Glenn (new)

Glenn Barres who cares what others think. I've not even heard of these io9'ers or whatever so they are nobodies just trying to make a splash.

Just move forward as you feel it.

message 10: by Megan (new)

Megan LOL, that what you get for reading comments! Seriously, that's so lame, don't listen to them. I love being your goodreads friend and it's awesome when you have reviews on something I've read. I get to be like "oh, Felicia Day and I have the same taste!" and feel all important. :)

message 11: by Happie (new)

Happie You cannot please everyone. We all have our different views, likes, opinions, etc. So it's all but natural there would be times that there will be differences in our reviews. One of the main reason I joined Goodreads site was because I wanted to see the reviews in books that I might want or interested to read. Any sane and rational mind would be expecting to see different reviews, it's up to the person whether he/she would heed the review/advise.
Just do what you've been doing Felicia, you don't owe anyone what you've got to say. =)

message 12: by Laura (new)

Laura Lol mentioning Buffy 3 times seems a little to much for sure. Maybe it was to keep people hanging in there lol

Bronwyn For what it's worth, I really liked reading this review. I like hearing about all aspects of a book.

message 14: by Craig (new)

Craig Williams Egads, how your "fanbase" "culls" into action whenever your integrity is threatened;) Do you feel the love??? haha

message 15: by Tina (new) - rated it 3 stars

Tina I thought your review was spot on. It's those little nit-picky things that seem small but put together they start to add up to major annoyances. For me, the nit-picky thing was that this series is called "Chicagoland" but doesn't make me feel like I'm in Chicago the way Jim Butcher makes me feel that way.

Of course, that didn't stop me from continuing in the series! Ha.

message 16: by Kiala (new)

Kiala Kazebee WHAT THE SHIT? I am against this bullpoop.

message 17: by B. (new)

B.  Barron You need to know both what someone likes and what they dislike in order to determine if your tastes in books are similar. Not everyone likes the same things (THANK GOD! Could you imagine the hell this world would be if everyone liked the same things? Pepperoni pizza would cost thousands of dollars a slice and my wife would be exhausted ;)

message 18: by Doug (new)

Doug Roberts I'm disappointed there isn't a roomful of minions (Day Walkers?) trying to cull with me. I also wish "cull with me" meant something other than "get me to buy more Pepsi."

message 19: by Cece (new) - rated it 3 stars

Cece OMG! Felicia Day is on Goodreads!!! Squeal like a fangirl. I agree with C in this, what does "cull with" even mean in that context? I like your review it was nicely written and funny. The books in this series get better as you go along.
@Heather-I hope you meant your statement ironically, otherwise that was REALLY creepy.

message 20: by C (new)

C Seriously, I think "culling the fanbase" should be a new beautifully sarcastic catchphrase. ;)

This should be in The Guild script - one of the characters could gripe nonsensically about a star or the game company trying to "cull their fanbase" and get roundly ridiculed by Tink.

Reanne Okay, just read (well, listened to) this book, so I just saw your comment. Personally, I think you should give way more negative reviews, if you really read books you dislike. I like to read negative or moderate reviews more than positive ones. Maybe because there are more ways to say "this sucks" than there are to say "this is great". Maybe because I have so many books on my list to read, I'm looking for reasons *not* to read a book more than for recommendations.

message 22: by Shay (new) - rated it 2 stars

Shay I really think that the reason I liked Merit (really cool name BTW) and Mallory was because they were glib and sarcastic about the whole thing in a way that I think many people would be normally. I mean, we're living in a world with so much vamp fiction and I'm pretty sure that if vampires just decided to come out into the open and they were just as cliche as all the tweenies always thought they were I'd have to roll my eyes too. Merit comes across as strong and sure of who she is, but still has some inner conflict.

The only thing I can really fault the story in personally (buffy references and green eyes weren't so very distracting to me) is that it felt like it took forever for the set-up portion of the book to be complete. I mean, I was very into the book, but it seemed like it took an awful long time for Merit to wonder WTF happened and who the hell attacked her...

Karyn The Pirate Love the Big Trouble in Little China reference! I sometimes forget which vampire hottie series I am in because they all start to blend.

message 24: by Karrie (new)

Karrie i dont like vampire books

message 25: by Carl (new)

Carl Muir I have light green eyes and therefore approve.

message 26: by Sidney (new)

Sidney Bales Agree with your assessment. The MAIN thing that annoyed me is that the vampires were supposed to be predators among predators, but they drink their blood out of a paper box. Really? That is about as predatory as going to Kroegers. I wanted them to be a LITTLE more aggressive. They don't even get to give each other hickeys.

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