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Eleven on Top by Janet Evanovich
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Jul 04, 10

Read in August, 2005

Shake the other ten in a bag, dump out a bit at a time, & you get 11 !!

We hate to say it, as some of the other ten were definitely amusing, but there's not much smile factor left in Plum et al that we haven't heard or seen before. While there is a smidge of a plot (four small business owners are missing, and Steph keeps getting threatening notes and cars bombed), one can almost predict the rest: Lulu can't get her bond jumpers, so eats fast food; Steph shacks up with Morelli (again) but hankers after Ranger all book; Grandma Mazur and the rest of the clan have a wedding cake food fight; Steph's several cars burn up or blow up; Bob the Dog tinkles on the lawn (wow!), etc.

"Eleven" smacks of one of those books any of us could have written -- just take snippets out of each of the other ten, slap 'em together in almost random order and you wouldn't be far off. One rather poignant scene, almost depressing actually, saw Stephanie spending a (rare) quiet moment thinking (rare!) how useless her life has been -- she realizes she's not good at anything, has no hobbies or interests, and has no idea what to do with her love life or her future. She fantasizes she can play the cello, then actually tells her family she can (despite being unable to even recognize one!), which leads to what little fresh hilarity the book has on display.

Maybe Evanovich has just run out of steam with this set. Maybe that explains the attempt to diversify manifested in the largely ho-hum "Metro Girl". Maybe the old joke about 1000 monkeys with typewriters could do just as well is right on. Maybe we're just "Plum" full of this series. Sorry, but from our reading we just didn't get that much entertainment, let alone go out "On Top"!
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