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In the Blood by Adrian Phoenix
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Jul 04, 10

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Read in July, 2010

read this right after I finished reading A Rush of Wings. I loved the first book so much that I couldn't afford to wait. Unfortunately, because of my irrational and almost impossible obsession with The Maker's Song #1, I knew there was a chance I was setting myself up for disappointment for book two. There were definitely moments while reading that I felt it wasn't as good as the first, but fortunately, there were enough consolation prizes. For one thing, I cannot possibly be disappointed when In the Blood gives me more of Dante and Heather. Heather is still all "heart and steel" and Dante is still beautiful and tortured. I've mentioned in my review of A Rush of Wings that I devour tortured heroes, but poor Dante is often hurt so badly (physically, mentally, emotionally) that I really felt bad for him. Suffering Dante aside, he is still the hottest thing I've read in a while. When he said he's gasoline and Heather's a match, I wanted to jump inside the book and say 'yes, yes, yes'! They burn!

But what about the plot, you ask? Can you talk about anything else other than Dante and Heather? I can try. In the Blood starts roughly three weeks after the end of book one. That's three weeks after Heather decided she needed some space from Dante and his world. Meanwhile, Dante's band, Inferno, is on tour. One of their stops is Seattle, home to Heather, and so my two favorite people are destined to meet again. Their reunion is interrupted by Heather's bipolar sister and her sharp tongue, FBI bigwigs (and their minions)desperately scrambling for Bad Seed coverup, angels out to claim the creawdwr, one pair of crazy twins and their sadistic father, and more! I like that this book, like the first one, is fastpaced. In fact, everything unfolds in a span of four days. But there were also so many things happening all at once, and there were quite a few new characters introduced, that it sometimes got confusing. Still, I immensely enjoyed it. To be fair though, this book had to have been exceptionally bad for me to stop gushing about it. I am just so wrapped up in this series--- and Heather and Dante (in case I haven't mentioned it enough times).


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