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The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley
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Aug 26, 10

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** spoiler alert ** I fell in love with Marion Zimmer Bradley's writing after reading this series of books. It's just... amazing!

The female characters are so strong and determined that actually inspired me a bit. They have goals and they want to achieve them, no matter what (like Viviane's action throughout the books). They know their actions will influence everyone's life but still they need and want to reach what they have planned.

One good comparison, between personalities, is the Avalon women vs Gwenhwyfar. On one side we have the free, independent and strong-minded pagan women and on the other side we have a weak-minded, submissive and controled by fear woman. With this Marion is able to show us that we ourselves should be like Morgaine or Viviane and be determined and independent.

The way she portraits the story, throught the female optic, is fantastic because it gives us a more detail view (even if made in her own mind)!

The difference between religions plays a big role in the books, specially when it comes to the past events. Arthur suffers due to the child he had with his sister Morgaine, not because of his pagan roots but because the priests and Christianity that Gwenhwyfar is so dependent of, told him he should be like that.

Also, the complex characters are a plus in the book. The characters are well developed and we can understand them and why they do and why they think all the those things. We can understand them and, in some situations, even relate with them.

In conclusion, The Mists of Avalon is a MUST for all Fantasy, Arthurian Legends and Celtic Lovers!

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