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The Unwritten, Volume 2 by Mike Carey
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Aug 01, 2010

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Read from July 11 to 30, 2010

I've actually read through issue 15, the most recent released to date, but this collection will cap at 12. I really like several things about the next issues, though, so I look forward to reviewing upcoming volumes. More stars!

This volume mostly deals with Tom's ordeal in prison after the events of the first book, and where he begins to go after it's destroyed. He still doesn't have a plan really, or any idea why terrible things are following him and how much to trust the new capabilities he's picking up. How could he trust what he sees? He's walking blind with all these things going on. Lizzie keeps telling him to walk the path, which is totally pissing him off. She clearly knows what's happening. Lizzie, what is happening?!

I really like the addition of the blogger friend. In general Carey's use of the internet and media is pretty great, and the comic is full of big intimidating ideas so a goofy dude is appreciated. The tragedy of the prison governor and his transformation is impressive. The reflective Frankenstein monster popping up is an occasionally surprising touch: "We have that in common. ... We are made things. And those who made us do not love us." And Lizzie's ability to communicate with Wilson through the words in books is freaking awesome.

Also there's a flying cat.

Less excited about the three following issues, two with the unexpected time-travel visit with Goebbels, Jud Süss, and the, ah, literary "canker" as it's unfortunately named. Though the art is really cool. Tom's abilities don't really make enough sense yet. Why did he get to deal with the messiest mess right away, and is he going to do a lot of this "healing" of historical contradictions? It's just a different type of focus than the rest of the series has had.

And the creepy last issue with the warning fable of Paul the bunny, authorial enemy turned fairy tale character, is just kinda weird. Or, more Beatrix Potter/Milne character than fairy tale. It's kind of funny too -- a suicidal rabbit cursing up a crazy storm with all these huggy forest animals -- but majorly weird. But, I really want to see what other kinds of things like this can happen.

Really excited for more of this, because it's going to get even better.

While reading these issues, I learned that my nightstand drawer is pretty much exactly the same size as a stack of comic books. So that's gonna be a thing now.

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