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The Mermaid's Pendant by LeAnn Neal Reilly
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Nov 02, 2010

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In The Mermaid's Pendant, LeAnn Neal Reilly takes the reader through the trials of life from an extremely unique perspective.

When Tamarind gazed at and wondered about humans, she felt a pull. A tug at her emotions that told her there was something big she was missing out on. Well. It was something big alright, maybe just not what she was truly looking for.

Tamarind couldn’t just leave the poor creature to flounder in the waves. If left to Mother Sea, his fate most certainly would be death. Choosing to rescue this unknown; Tamarind marvels at the feel of his skin, the heat of his breath, even the look of his strange feet. She’s too curious. She must leave at once! But, she can’t let this encounter be. Later, she feels she simply must find this man and learn more about him. There is something inside of her telling her that this human is meant to be a part of her. There is a tug at her heart that won’t be unheard. With the naivety of the young, Tamarind follows her heart. She chooses to walk among the humans, to take this adventure to its end. But, will the “end” be worth it?

John, a tech savvy self-proclaimed geek has fallen for the girl who saved his life. She haunts his dreams, enters his every thought. Her fiery-red, untamed hair is all he can think about. The locals tease him; tell him that maybe his mystery gal is a mermaid. He scoffs at the idea, believing that they are simply poking fun at the gringo. But, are they? Could this “girl of his dreams” really be a creature of the sea?

Being human isn’t easy at the best of times…even for us humans. Imagine being thrust into a world so foreign to you that you choose to simply go blindly, trusting that your Goddess will protect you. But, your life as a mer; your total lack of comprehension when it comes to human emotions, only serves to help stack the cards against you. Then, your Goddess becomes broken. Your faith walks a fine line and you are teetering towards total defeat. What then? How do you pick up the pieces and keep your family together? How do you restore the life you aren’t certain is worth restoring? What do you do when you fear your husband has turned to the arms of another?

LeAnn Neal Reilly will take readers on an unusual journey. From new love, to family, faith, and fantasy, The Mermaid’s Pendant will take you through a myriad of conflicting emotions. On one hand you will admire this character, or that one, while on the other you are never completely certain of his or her intentions. One character, in particular, has kept this reader questioning the character’s integrity and intentions, since page one. Is she really looking out for Tamarinds best interests? Or, is she out only for herself? Looking to gain whatever she can from the former mer?

While I truly enjoyed this reading experience, I would like to mention a few points which may hinder a reader’s full enjoyment of the story. The Mermaid’s Pendant is quite a long tale. Comprised of two sections, Reilly tells the “love story” in Volume One and then tells of the “life after marriage” in Volume 2, resulting in a rather long story line. Additionally, I found there were a few moments where I asked myself if the back story of a secondary character was truly required, if the side plots were really necessary, and therefore; found myself with feelings of being “off track.” Lastly, I also found myself questioning whether or not John and Tamarind truly belonged together. While no one ever said true love and marriage would be easy, I am a firm believer that if it was truly meant to be, it’s not supposed to be that hard either. There were a few occasions were I felt that John and Tamarind really didn’t “like” each other. I mean, if this was “meant to be”, then why is Tamarind so unhappy and disillusioned? Why is John working late, telling “little white lies” and keeping important pieces of information from Tamarind?

Regardless of this reader’s initial perceptions, The Mermaid’s Pendant is a must read for those who are looking for something new. Visit Culebra and experience an island fantasy. Then, visit Cheltham and experience real life as a wife and mother.
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