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A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux
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Jul 01, 10

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First published in 1985, this is a much recommended book and author in the romance genre. In this time-travel tale the hero, Nicholas, is summoned to modern day England by the need of the American heroine, Dougless, for a "knight in shining armor"--that, she tells Nicholas, is what "all women want...a man to rescue her." Two-thirds through the book she will also time-travel--to his 16th Century. When I first tried this a year ago, Dougless came across to me as a whiny doormat. It didn't help that in the opening pages marriage is described as what she "wanted most in life," and she's only with her boyfriend because he's "good husband material." I decided to give this novel another chance though, and at first my initial impression was the same, but pushing through those first few chapters I found at a certain point I was enjoying myself. That's because the author really was convincing in the book's historical details--I remember being struck by things like how she depicted Elizabethian dentistry and print. At first Dougless thinks Nicholas is illiterate, because he can't understand modern print, then he shows her the print and spelling of his era, and she realizes she can't make it out any better. Besides which, Dougless does grow in this book, and not just because of "love" but in seeking to help Nicholas she grows in competence and confidence--coming to his rescue. Nicholas, too, becomes a better person because of her entering his life. At points this piece of fluff still struck me as silly, and I had style issues. (Whoa, few romance authors can hold point of view.) Nevertheless, overall I found this an entertaining read, often funny and ultimately heart-warming.

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message 1: by PC (new)

PC Wheeler Actually, recently finished this one as I thought I'd try my luck at a time-travel romance and this was one that came highly recommended. I can't say I really enjoyed it - and I was truly wanting to. In the end, the main female character and some of the situations she finds herself in was just too ridiculous for me.

message 2: by Lisa (Harmonybites) (last edited Jul 02, 2010 08:16PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lisa (Harmonybites) Clare009 wrote: "Actually, recently finished this one as I thought I'd try my luck at a time-travel romance and this was one that came highly recommended. I can't say I really enjoyed it - and I was truly wanting ..."

As I said, it has its silly parts--and maybe by this time on the long list of romance novels I tried I had Stockholm Syndrome?

I had actually tried it before and never made it out of the first chapters. But it had it's moments. Like Nicholas opening all those cans taking delight in a modern can opener. Or Deveraux showing she'd done her homework on Elizabethian dentistry. Or when she shows us an example of Elizabethian print and spelling, and I can't make heads or tails so I understand how at sea Nicholas would be with modern writing. She really made me feel that contrast between past and present that a time-travel tale can excel at.

I think this pretty much is the classic time-travel romance anyway. There are two others on the romance reading list I was working through. One, by Moning, Beyond the Highland Mist is beyond awful. The other one, much celebrated you *should* try since so many rave about it is Gabaldon's Outlander--which stylewise and historical detailwise is much better than the usual romance book (although Shiv told me she didn't last beyond 20 pages because she thought it "hugely historically inaccurate.") I have other issues with Outlander too, but if you're curious about time-travel romance, from what I've heard (and little I've read) Deveraux and Gabaldon are the best of the crowd. Most loved anyway.

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