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Dating Big Bird by Laura Zigman
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this is the sad story of a woman who apparently works in marketing for a famous fashion designer but hates her job because she not-so-secretly wants to be knocked up. so desperate is this woman for her own bebe that she is willing to use her niece ("pickle") as a cheap knock-off just to get a fix. she makes friends with a former acquaintance from high school who also uses her nephew to play "mammo". you can't make this shit up.

well, apparently laura zigman can.

complicating the plot:

1. the protagonist dates a "impoholic" - an impotent, recovering alcoholic
2. everyone else around her is uber-fertile and pregnant - boss, sister, co-workers, etc
3. she has to plan a baby shower gift for her boss
4. she's 35 and thinks big bird is the ideal mate


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message 1: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Fidler for the record, i would never use my niece "as a cheap knock-off".

by the way, i love the term "mindrotteriffic" (although it should probably be spelled "mindrotterrific", no?). i think you should submit it to the OED folks.

love you! and your reviews of "sentimental pap"/"doughnut fiction"

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