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A Loving Heart by Anita Stansfield
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Jun 30, 2010

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The third installment of the Dicken's Inn saga picks up where the second left off. Chas is pregnant with their second child. Jackson has been baptized and they are looking forward to the time when they can be sealed in the temple.

We immediately find out that the baby Chas is carrying has a heart defect and may die at or before birth. Jackson's former FBI associate calls to see if he will accept a woman in protective custody (hiding from the mob) at the Dicken's Inn. Jackson's sister comes to stay with the family to help. Her son, a soldier in the war in the Middle East is injured and ends up moving in to the inn. And Jackson's old FBI team member finally comes for a visit to help with the woman they are harboring........he may never end up leaving.

I think this may have been the best book in this series so far. Jackson was all manly and cop like, which is a plus. I do appreciate the way that Stansfield's characters approach situations and handle themselves very graciously and very gospel oriented, but I don't find it at all realistic. This time Jackson seemed more human to me......especially when he whipped out his duty weapon. Aside from the totally obnoxious fact that the characters are usually independently wealthy and function together as a couple.........ALL day, EVERY day (Which I consider to be the biggest work of fiction in these books)...the book was much more palatable. It didn't have the emotional turmoil that many times harrows up these books. I am ready for this series to be over. I love Jackson and if he actually worked full time as an agent or a police officer he would probably be a much better character........but he runs an inn.....and is a little demasculinized by it.

Rating 3.5 More action. Jackson actually uses a weapon....which he stopped wearing when he retired......and I find absurd. The storyline containing the new baby was good and even though it was traumatic, it wasn't so mentally emotional that I felt like a dog going in cirlces after my tail.

Rating PG Shooting!!!!

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