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Deeper Than Midnight by Lara Adrian
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Jul 07, 2011

it was amazing

4.5 stars only compare to other books within this series, otherwise, a solid 5 stars. I love this series. The plots pulled my interest and yearned for HEA's and at the same time cringed at the challenges ahead. The fast pace, full of action balanced with the achingly sweet lovestory, what not to love?

It's a great feeling when you have a book in your hands and just hate when you reached the end of the book and can't wait for the next one. Yeah...that's what I got with this series.
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Pansy I know , I know. Let's discuss when your done.

Crazy4more I'm's so good and I hated it when I'm at the end, ugh...I thought I had a couple more pages to go but it was the excerpt for the next book.

Do you think that secretary, Ms. Wentworth will be Chase's female? She sounds pretty awesome but that Dragos evilness has his eyes on her too, scary.

Pansy OMG! I feel the same way. I think she will be his HEA but I do believe that Dragos and Chase are going to have it out. He knows Chase is the one who shot him and if likes the secretary so it is going to be good. I think I heard she has 2 more books left in her contract. Yeah!! I like the book a lot eventhough I heard a lot of grumbling about Hunter and Corrine. Mostly because everyone wanted more depth.

Crazy4more Hi Pansy, I thought the roles of Hunter and Corrine were written perfectly. Hunter is a killer and Corrine is a mom with so many scares and the deepest is the loss of her son, neither of them can afford the deep emotional connection like the other couples. It wouldn't be realistic. I was so afraid that Hunter would kill Nathan as sighted by Mira, that would be the end of Hunter and Corrine for sure.

I'm having a great time in Chicago but not a lot of time to read. I'm reading Dragon Bound (Elder Races, #1) by Thea Harrison. It's so good, please add it to your TBR. It's one of those book that I kept re-read the previous page everytime I return to read's a way for me to savor, don't want it to end and engrossed every words.

Pansy I feel the same way about Hunter and Corrine. I love that series so much. I put Dragon Bound on my TBR.I have been listening to Glory in DEath and OMG it is so good. I love when Eve finally told Roarke she loved him. I was driving and I kept having to dry my eyes. I am on disc 5 and I love it so much. My kids are home in the evenings so I had to buy a walkman so I could listen to them when I am not driving. My husband thinks I have serious issues. I let him listen and now he knows why. Have fun and talk to ya soon.

Crazy4more I miss catching up with you and other friends on GR. There was a point Eve was driving me crazy, but she stays true to herself, the law, loyal to the bone to those she loves. Funny I was looking for a cd player too. I got it for this series specifically. When I'm peeling potatoes or do anything that requires more than 30 min, I always count on my IN DEATH audiobook.

You're going to love Dragon Bound...the only thing was I had a hard time separating and loving Dragos bc I just read DEEPER THAN MIDNIGHT. It didn't take long though, this dragon is hot, strong and possessive. Though the cover looks a little whimpy compare to the description, but he's cute.

Pansy I am starting Dragon today. Girl enjoy yourself. Have some Chicago deep pan pizza and a glass of Merlot. OOoooh, that is my favorite meal.
I have not read as much as I like. I am not working full time this summer so I can do more things with the kids. It is quite the adventure. Since they love to read I pick times we can read together so they do not drive me crazy.
I am glad you warned me about the name Dragos. That may be much to handle. We hate Dragos. I will have to alter my feelings for the book. I adore Eve and Roarke. I cannot imagine them not together. I am addicted to the Death series. I am starting the third book this weekend.

Crazy4more I LOVE LOVE ROARKE & EVE... definitely one of my all time favorite couples. They are so evenly balanced in power, interest, passion, pain and integrity. I'm on book 20 and I'm still in love with them.

I'll have a slice of deep dish for you, but so far lots lots of home cooking, yummy.

I'm having a hard time getting thru Succubus Blues after Dragon Bound, it's so slow and not much happening, sigh....

Pansy I heard that about Succubus Blues. I have it on my TBR but I have been delaying my start.

I am on the 7th disc of Glory in Death and I am loving Eve and Roarke. They just left Mexico and wow what a trip. Roarke takes such good care of Eve. I cannot believe there are so many books. I love the mysteries. They are so good. I cannot get out of the car some mornings. It is just so good.

Crazy4more To have the power, money and hotness of Roarke, sigh... I can't recall reading anorther mortal with his stat, his compassion, his hotness, etc. another sigh... Of course, his Darling Eve is tough as nail yet perfect for him. They are the perfect couple.

You are just at the tip of the series, it gets crazy good! I love roadtrip nowadays too.

Pansy I finished Glory in Death and I loved it. The ending between Roarke and Eve had me speechless now I have to wait until the next audio book comes into the library. AGH!!!!!!I am truly hooked.

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