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Wanted by Sara Shepard
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Jun 30, 10

Recommended to Lora by: Ariane
Recommended for: Anyone who likes mystery, but can stand teenage boks
Read in June, 2010

** spoiler alert ** I finished this book in half a day! And...WHOA! That is all I can say. Shepard characterizes her characters so well. She doesn't ever have an unbelievable character. She characterized Hanna perfectly. She made her believable, and vulnerable, not just bitchy. I also think the contrast between Emily and Hanna (queen bee and good girl) and Spencer and Aria (Typical rosewood overachiever and the kooky mysterious one) was amazing. I think Wilden's character should have been flushed out, why did he have an Amish gf?I want to know! I hated Hanna's dad and I really hated Kate. She was just plain bitchy and annoying. Moving on, I liked how Shepard dealt with the teenage world (clothes, boys, friendship, family and school) in a funny, but real way. The entire investigation was amazing, it made me think, if my best friend disappeared tomorrow, what would I do? How long before we all gossiped about her and fought over the Bf she left behind? What secrets did she keep? Makes you wonder doesn't it?

When this book started I was like, what are they going to do now that they know who killed Ali? But, then I thought about it, Billy couldn't have killed Ali, its too simple. Way too simple. If this book had been a movie only, I would have turned it off as soon as Courtney came about...it would have been too far fetched, but here--it worked. It worked amazingly. I loved Courtney/Ali's character, she was secretive, manipulative and beautiful. At first I didn't think she was Ali, I thought that Shepard was trying to make us think crazy Courtney was being crazy again. But, at the end, when we realize the P.L.L's knew Courtney all along, not Ali, I was like whoa...okay, which sister is crazy? The one who stole her sister's life or the one who killed her in a rash act of jealousy and tried to burn four innocent girls? I was also kind of sad that the girl the P.L.L's had been friends with was dead. Maybe Courtney was crazy, but some of the moments the P.L.L's shared with her seemed real. However, the things she did to them, the blackmail, the ditching, that does make her sound crazy and mean now that I think about it, maybe she was crazy...but, hell, so was Ali, she killed her own sister! But, I think all the fault in the Ali/ Courtney drama, fell on the Dilaurentis parents, they couldn't tell their kids apart? I mean really! A lot of the girls problems come from their parents, come to think about it. They would all have been better of as orphans! haha. In the author's note, Shepard said she liked reading the review from her fans, so, Ms. Shepard if you read this...congrats. You wrote a great series that wasn't all about hook ups and money. That was interesting of course, but at least the girls had depth!
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Nisha Vyas-myall I completely agree with this review.

I actually found out by accident about Courtney/Ali when I trying to figure out the order of the books (the UK editions- or at least the copies I own- aren't numbered), and came across the massive spoiler. I was on book 6 at the time and loved the books, so I figured I might as well persevere even though I thought the idea was ridiculous and a cop-out.

But when I read it... Sara Shepard can pull these storylines off brilliantly. She did a superb job and you're right, she raises the question of who really was the evil twin. Was Alison crazy from the fate forced on her by her sister, or was it her all along?

If you haven't yet (although I'm sure you have), read "Ali's Pretty Little Lies", which is told from Courtney's perspective. You find yourself actually understanding why she does a lot of the things she does to the PLLs. In a weird way.

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