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On Love by Alain de Botton
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Jun 30, 10

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Read in June, 2010

I see a great deal of myself while reading the book.

It was an absolutely unique style of writing - compiling all the thoughts, confusions and interrogation of a loving relationship through notes-like writing.

I read this book's Chinese version; I bought it from a random trip in another city. I was originally interested in the form Alain de Botton arranged his words when I was leafing through the pages. The decision of buying the book had been proved to be very wise.

The explanation was simple. At the meantime of reading this book I was at a very confused phase in an interesting relationship with a person I majorly communicated through internet. I had been extremely unexperienced with loving relationships and naive to many paradigms in a relationship. I got frustrated often by interacting with the person and then I would seek texts for help. Though is talking about an complete course of falling in love, being in love and breaking free from love, and my relationship did not eventually work out, I had been greatly inspired by de Botton's analysis. The emotions were scrutinized like tiny bugs under a microscope; the different philosophies and psychological analyses were the lenses. After starting this book, I stopped calling my friend, asking for consolation and possible explanations of men's acts at certain times. Instead I got myself completely absorbed to the book and started to converse with philosophers appeared in this book. The journey had been amazing. Whenever I read something could reflect my state of mind and/or sentiments, I would shake my head and then say out loud: "This is such a good book."

I suffer from the same misery as the narrator did - thinking to much. I've put a lot of thoughts into my relationships and ponderations over other people's opinions. That was suffocating sometimes. I, however, have finally learned to avoid doing such since I cannot tell whether I some day would commit a suicide as the narrator did.(okay I am exaggerating) But the book was helpful, for sure. Right after I finished , I decided to end my confusing relationship with that person I thought I knew but actually not. I also decided not to read anything about love for a while.

Yet I am that kind of person who changes her/his mind two hundred times a day, one who could be so sentimental in the morning and turns totally carefree in the afternoon. Four days after I finished , I kicked off reading another book about love again - by Alain de Botton.

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