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Trapped by J.A. Konrath
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Jul 12, 2010

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Read from June 29 to July 01, 2010

OK. Two things are bugging me about this book.


1) Sara and Martin have a newborn. They have been running, fighting, and screaming away from these nutball cannibals. The baby has not been fed or changed in all this time, and as far as I can remember has not cried out once. Does Mr. Kilborn have children? If so, he'd know newborns have to be fed every two hours and changed often. I don't understand why the baby is even in the picture.

2) If this cannibal stuff has been going on since the Civil War, and hundreds of people have gone missing, as is evident with the huge pile of bones, have the authorities never questioned this oddity? Loved ones go missing, last headed to the campgrounds, and no on investigates? If someone investigates and they go missing, is it not a big deal? I just don't see how something like this has gone on for so long. Yes, I know people don't stand a chance once they enter the campgrounds, but at some point something's got to give!

Finished Trapped a few days ago. While this isn't my favorite Kilborn--that would be Afraid and his short stories--it's a pretty good story. You not only get a tribe of cannibals on the island, but you get a Dr. Moreau-type doctor who likes to experiment on the trickle of visitors to the island. When there are no visitors, kidnapping a cannibal and going to town on it works just as well.

If you've read books like Laymon's The Island, then you know the story about a group of people who get taken one by one until there's a few characters the author just can't kill off.

Worth a read if you like blood and guts. After reading Trapped and Endurance, it dawned on me that there are things far worse than the sweet, peaceful fade-to-black of death. Much, much worse.
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Bark's Book Nonsense I came thisclose to buying this last night but ultimately decided to save my cash. The points you mentioned would've pulled me out of the story too.

Tressa It's not living up to Afraid or even his short stories, but it's interesting.

Whenever there's a group of campers or a group of whoever, I just never get to know the characters well enough to care about them. Kilborn does start some of the chapters with revealing information about the characters' backgrounds, so I thought that was a "sweet" thing to do that some horror authors wouldn't bother with. It's not just a murder-by-number horror story.

I'm not a writer, but if any writer wants my advice, it's this: develop your characters every little way you can. Dropped tidbits of information about the character turns them into a real character in the reader's mind.

Bark's Book Nonsense Yeah, I'm with you. I'm all about the characterization. If it's not there, the book is usually a fail for me.

Tressa It's really hard to find this in horror novels. The writers are so anxious to get to the "good" stuff like disemboweling people that they forget to give their characters a life.

That's why I rated Survivor and The Summer I Died so high. They could have been NOTHING but rape, gore, and mayhem, but the writers injected the characters with some dignity and humanity.

message 5: by Robin (new) - added it

Robin I am having the same thoughts as you did Tressa. I'm not that far into the novel, but it is not grabbing my attention like Afraid.

Tressa It's an OK story, but nothing that comes near Afraid. Maybe it'll get better for you.

message 7: by Robin (new) - added it

Robin Maybe I shouldn't have tried to read it right after I finished Afraid. I count Afraid in my top 5 so far this year.

Tressa Well, you probably would feel the same way about it. Some books are just OK no matter what. Some books are special and wow! a reader. So it wouldn't have mattered what you read before or after. It is what it is.

Tressa Have you ever read The Pilo Family Circus by Will Elliott? Talk about the wow! factor.

message 10: by Robin (new) - added it

Robin No I haven't. I'm looking for something else to read. Think Trapped is going to be put aside for a bit. I have seen several that you've read that look good.

Tressa Pilo is fabulous; hope you read it one day. What are the others you own that I've read and pimped out?

message 12: by Robin (new) - added it

Robin I was just looking through, or trying to look through all 731 of your books. We have similar tastes. Of course, Blake Crouch, Koontz...I got into Crouch and Kilborn because of Serial.

Tressa Oh, just go to my Horror shelf and click on Rating to get the top starred ones. I sub-divide the books too, but if there's any horror element I'll try to stick them all there so I can find them easier. Ghosts and Haunted Houses are some of the sub-genres. I'm sure you're not interested in the Redneck or Cannibal shelves, lol.

Blake Crouch is very good. The first book of his I read was Abandon. It's an amazing book. Have you read Kilborn and Crouch's collaborative Draculas? It's a lot of fun.

message 14: by Robin (new) - added it

Robin LMAO, I might like the Redneck and Cannibal books. I ended up picking, House of Dead Trees.

Tressa Give them a try, you just might! Never read House of Dead Trees. Hope you enjoy it.

David Church Loved the review Tressa, I felt the same way about the baby in the book...I was like WTF..this baby has to be the best baby in the world! my baby would have gotten us killed real quick...

Tressa I got blasted from some reader for pointing out the baby's lack of lung power. I now have my reviews set to where only my friends can comment on them. I don't have time to deal with hateful, angry people over a damn review written by someone they don't know from Adam's house cat.

Misty I didn't read the editors version, I read his original and there was no baby, I enjoyed the book and I completely understand why you would be annoyed by that, try the original, you can find it at the very back of the Kindle version.

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