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Lover Mine by J.R. Ward
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One of my fav BDB stories! I loved Xhex and John Matthew (Darius) they were so hot together, both burdened with horrific past that haunt them. Xhex, medically experimented on and being kidnapped and raped by Lash. JM being left with humans and having a hard life, raped by a human. These 2 are perfect from one another. I cried for their mating =). Their story was filled with pain/love/passion and 2 souls finding and accepting one another. When Xhex finally told JM face to face that she loved him *sigh*. Whatever will we do now that JR ward has wrapped up JM story?? we have followed his story throughout all the novels!

Blay & Qhuinn OMG their story was very interesting and I could have kept reading about them. I adore Blay!! I was mad it ended with out them getting together but maybe in the next book??? Blay's love for Qhuinn and him being hurt by him when Qhuinn hoe's around was heartbreaking. Blay loves Qhuinn so much but he understands that he has the right to move on to someone who is ready for a r/ship with him instead of someone emotionally unavailable to him. I was heartbroken after Blay asked Qhuinn to ask him to stay and not meet Saxton and he couldnt, he just left him & when Qhuinn hit him with the "take care of yourself"=/ I wanted to slap Qhuinn at that point but I do still really like him, I do like Saxton but I want B&Q to be together, hopefully Q can get over his need to be normal and have a female and accept that his is in love with Blay...hell him throwing off the bonding scent should be a sign. I can't wait to continue their story!!

I was soooo happy Tohr and John reconnected, that was sweet. Especially when he called him his father =). The Darius/JM story was good, we got to see Xhex's birth and the relationship that Tohr and Darius had which is the exact r/ship Tohr and JM have but the roles reversed, I loved it. The Lash/Lesser story was ok but I was more vested in the other storylines, ie Q&B and X&JM. Payne story was good...Payne & MAnny?! yay! I ws happy at the reunion V & Payne had, sweet. THe Muhrder storyline could have been completed more, it was left up in the air hmmm. But I Cant wait to read the next story!!!!!

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08/31/2010 page 283
55.0% "OMG I am in love with it so far Blay is dreamy and the Qhuinn/Blay drama unfolding it hot and totally enthralling. Love John & Xhex too"

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