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The Bodyguard by Cherry Adair
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Jun 28, 2010

it was amazing
Read in June, 2010

** spoiler alert ** Temptation on Ice: Cherry Adair

Michaela Giese was a member of T-Flac, that is until she dissapeared when her small plane went down over the ocean. Everyone belived she was dead until two years later they learn she is alive and well. It seems she is at the Arctic Ocean working on a nuclear bomb that will melt the polar ice caps. T-Flac agent Sebastian Tremayne is sent to find out if she is there, if she is he is to take her out after they stop the bomb. The problem is that Sebastian has always wanted Michaela and her "death" almost destroyed him. Michaela belives he is there to save her.

Temptation in Shadows: Gena Showalter

Gabrielle, Gabby, Huit was a teenager living on the streets when she was kidnapped by a strange droctor. He experments on her by inserting comupter chips and wires in her brain. Now Gabby is able to download the contents from a computer that is left on without even touching it. Sean Walker is an agent with Rose Briar, a group of people with sepical abilities who help out where ever needed. Sean and his partner are sent to gain Gabby's trust in order to get her to agree to work with them. When a unknown group goes after Gabby it is up to Sean to protect her. When Gabby finds herself falling for Sean will she be able to trust him after she learns the truth?

Hunting Temptation: Lorie O'Clare

Seth Gere is a bounty hunter looking for a man who skipped on his parole and is wanted in the deaths of several women in the area. When he gets information from a friend about where this man will be, Seth goes on the hunt for him. Jenna is the sister of Seth's friend but they have never interduced before. When they meet for the first time there is an instant attraction between the two. The man that Seth is haunting is also after Jenna. Seth will have to protect her and try to fight his attraction to Jenna at the same time. But Jenna has a big secret. When Seth finds out what it is will he be able to accept Jenna for what and who she is?

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