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Tess of the D'Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy
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May 08, 2011

it was amazing
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Read from January 24 to May 03, 2011

I can't believe it took me so long to read this classic, but I finally did! And just as everyone had told me, it was tragic...unbelievably tragic...but somehow, it left me smiling amid my tears in the last few pages.

Hardy is an incredible writer, but he hasn't always been my favorite because of his extremely explicit commentary on social conventions, etc. However, I found myself completely wrapped up in the story and the characters of this book. Hardy is a genius with his reoccurring themes, his beautiful and harsh imagery, and his expressive/dynamic characters. Often, I enjoy books of this kind simply for their artistic merit. They have beautiful, flowing language and I am swept away with the rhythm and tone of the words. However, this book was so much more. Hardy makes the characters come alive with their many complexities: I never know if I should hate Angel for his behavior or empathize with him because of his awful plight, or whether Alec D'Urberville has finally turned to the good side or if he is still just as evil as ever.

Tess is a fabulous heroine with passion, courage, pride, strength, and devotion--everything that a true heroine should be. And the developing of Angel and Tess's relationship in the middle of the book is...amazing! Truly, it could be the most enchanting love story I've ever read: subtle, yet real and moving! I could read that part again and again!

Overall, Hardy is still overt in commenting on the wrongness of societal conventions; however, Hardy also develops the themes and dichotomies of right and wrong, past/ancestry and present, beauty and harshness, good and evil, and life and death.

Despite...amid the tragedies that never seem to end, this book met all my expectations.

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Lynn can't wait till you read this and we'll "discuss". For my money, Hardy is the greatest english novelist... sorry Jane, but Hardy blows me away.

Lindsay Lynn! I'm finally starting Tess. I am crazy busy with school, but I've decided to just make time to read. (We'll see how it goes). PS. I got a letter from Liz and she said the New York mission just raves about Brian!

message 3: by Carly (new)

Carly Lindsay. I think highly of your opinion, and of your fashion style. I will be here for you when you cry after putting yourself through the horror of this book ;) ha ha

Lynn Linds.... I don't know Carly. I'm sure she's wonderful. But she's WRONG. You'll love this book. It is tragic, but nobody writes tragedy like Hardy! Savor it girl. (PS, Brian was so happy to see you last night. You're the best.)

Lindsay Lynn...Carly...I finished it! Finally! It was as beautifully tragic as I could have imagined and hoped for!

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