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Nightschool by Svetlana Chmakova
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The first book introduced a lot of things, but this one doesn't even begin to explain most of them. The majority of this book seems to have been taken to explain how the Night School works and that Alex is pretty powerful, but not much else. You get another glimpse of Sarah, but nothing new about what happened to her. You get two more encounters with Shifters, but no explanation of the Treaty. The author explains why the Seer was being mistreated, but not why she was there in the first place other than money and a contract (which for a minor is not enough of a reason for me). Hopefully, things will become clearer in the third book. If they don't, I'm afraid the cool art and interesting ideas won't be enough for me to read the fourth one. There's even less violence in this book as the previous one (although some of the Hunters may be dying from attacks in the previous book), but there is still a pretty big threat of violence in several scenes. The vampire gets a bit handsy with his girlfriend and throws some innuendo around, but nothing too serious, and there isn't any language either.

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