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Vampire Knight, Vol. 7 by Matsuri Hino
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** spoiler alert ** I think it became a habit to give this manga 5 stars. Not that I don't like it.
This one took the story even further and left me with questions. I wonder what'll happen to these guys.

It seems like everyone who's someone is gathering in Cross Academy :) I've been looking forward to more of Zero's twin and glad to see him back.

The love triangle is officially established with Yuki being Kaname's 'lover' -poor Zero. But I'm still hoping for the tortured hero to end up with the girl :)

Cliffhanger, cliffhanger..

There were some wonderful drawings in this one, they're always beautiful but there were a couple of scenes in this one where the composition was just brilliant if you ask me. Especially the scene where Zero drinks from Kaname. Wowza! Bautifully drawn intense scene. I wonder what's gonna happen with Zero turning level E. My thought for this: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

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message 1: by Bookwatcher (new)

Bookwatcher Especially the scene where Zero drinks from Kaname. Wowza!
yeah... definitely a "wowza! scene hahahahaha

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ LOL. I can't help it!!! ;D

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