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My Name Is Memory by Ann Brashares
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Jun 26, 10

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Read in June, 2010

I was first attracted to read this book because I had an almost identical idea for a book a couple of years ago (my exact thought was, "Like 'Twilight,' but with past lives instead of vampires!"). So of course I had to read the book that used this idea. The main characters, Daniel and Sophia, have a relationship that stretches across centuries as each of their souls is reincarnated into new bodies and new lifetimes. Daniel is unique because he can remember each of his past lives, whereas his love, Sophia, like the rest of humanity, forgets each life as she is born anew.

We begin in the present day when Daniel and Lucy (Sophia's name in her current incarnation) are high school students. Through each of the chapters, Daniel retells stories from his past lives. He was the cause of Sophia's death in his very first life on Earth and has spent each subsequent incarnation trying to find her soul and make it up to her by loving and taking care of her. In their current lifetimes, an awkward run-in at a high school dance forces Lucy and Daniel apart until they are college students. As Daniel tries to find Lucy again, he learns that a malicious adversary from his past lives is also stalking her.

Some of the plot points and sentiments in the book are spot on. The section where Lucy travels to England to see the manor house from her recently-remembered past life is goosebump-inducing. The way that Brashares writes the voice of Daniel, an "old soul" who has been around for centuries inhabiting a young man's body, is also haunting, and the ideas surrounding reincarnation in the book are definitely food for thought.

For me however, the ending of the book definitely left something to be desired. Although Brashares avoided making the ending as cheesy as it could have possibly been - a relief - and the ending was consistent with the tone and themes of the rest of the book, it still felt very abrupt and left a major part of the plot unresolved. I can only hope that the author is planning to write a sequel! I want to know what happens to the couple next and I am sure I'm not alone.

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message 1: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie I agree with you 100% and am curious to know how a sequel could be made to such a story? It was a great and romantic story... but the end was not what I wanted at all- I would rather have had them die instead of the way she ended it!

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