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The Elusive Bride by Stephanie Laurens
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Major Hamilton is one of a group of men working to decipher the identity of the Black Cobra, a nasty piece of work fighting against the English in Bombay. By the time they finally determine who the traitor is, Miss Emily Ensworth has become involved in the crisis. After a single encounter with Hamilton, Emily finds herself in love and follows him when he returns to England. Unfortunately, the Black Cobras follow also. The entire return trip is fraught with danger and romance since Hamilton is as captivated with Emily as she is of him.

Well the premise sounds interesting but the execution was boring, tedious, and repetitive. The Black Cobras repeatedly attacked and were easily rebuffed time after time. Even with only a handful of men (and women) they easily defeated the Black Cobras without serious injury. Why then were we subjected to battle after battle where even the women were confident enough of success to join in the fighting. It wasn't as if the Cobras were going to get any better or the good guys were going to get worse. It wasn't suspenseful at all since there was little worry as to who was going to be the ultimate winner of this skirmish. I made it until page 215 before giving up as there just wasn't enough to keep my attention. After all, if you've read one battle with poorly trained fighters, what need is there to read another of the same and another.

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