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Maus, I by Art Spiegelman
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When I took adolescent literature during my master's degree, my professor assigned this book and I read it and I didn't like it. When I think back, I can't really tell you why- I think I just didn't connect with the format then. I read Archie comic books when I was younger, but that was the closest to graphic novels I got. So, when I picked up Maus, I think it was too much for me at the time with the symbolism, history and time change. Also, it was black and white. Now, though, graphic novels have become a big part of my reading life, so when I saw the two Maus books sitting on my sister's shelf in Syracuse, I asked if I could borrow them for the bus ride.

I am glad I did. Maus is brilliant. Art Spiegelman knows what he is doing. The symbolism doesn't outweigh the story, the present & past story are perfectly balanced and the history is terrifying & informative.

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