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A Devil in the Details by K.A. Stewart
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Oct 11, 2014

it was amazing
bookshelves: 2011, uf
Read on February 19, 2011

Sometimes when you add books to your TBR list you aren't really sure about them, but they look interesting so you figure why not add them. Then days, weeks, or even months go by and you see a title and you wonder why you added it, but then you are at the bookstore or library and you see it there so you grab it, not really expecting much. That is what happened with me and this book. As I started to read it I even thought it would be one that I wouldn't be able to finish, but soon after the second chapter I was won over by the book.

What I find so appealing about this book is that Jesse is "normal". He has a crappy job, has a wife and kid, drives a POS that he loves dearly, but he also battles demons as a normal guy. No super healing, so super strength, just his brain and his muscles. So how does a seeming normal guy have a job in which he battles demons for peoples souls, well it is all because of his little brother.

We all have those siblings where we would do anything for and that is the case with Jesse and Cole. Cole's son was dying, he couldn't or wouldn't let that happen so he made a deal with a demon, his soul for his son's life. Afterward he realizes just how deep he is, so he goes to his older brother and Jesse takes care of things. This is how he discovered a world he didn't know existed, one in which there are champions that fight for people after they make stupid, selfish, or desperate choices they later regret.

Jesse wasn't always such a good guy, but after some stupid actions of his own as a teen his life takes a much different path, one in which being a champion seems like a good choice. There is also an organization for these champions, headed by Ivan, a guy I hope we can learn more about in later books. They even have a computer geek that seems interesting.

Jesse has a core group of people that he depends on to help him in his unusual profession. Mira, his wife, is also a witch and for some reason scares everyone, provides protection spells along with her unwavering support. His 2 best friends, one who is a blacksmith, providing armor and weapons, the other an EMT, who goes along with him to his battles, providing much needed medical care after. There is even a demon who is more than he seems, at times causing Jesse to forget just what he is.

This book is simple in is execution, there is no big massive world building, no new learning of languages, just a good old fashion battle of good vs. evil, with a good guy you can't help but root for!!

I can't wait for the next book!!
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