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The Birthday of the World by Ursula K. Le Guin
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May 24, 12

it was amazing
bookshelves: scifi, short-stories
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I had read about half the short stories in this collection already - they'd all made it to the Year's Best collection that I read faithfully - but I wanted to see the ones I hadn't yet come across, and I was not disappointed. "Coming of Age in Karhide" is probably my favorite short story ever, and while the rest of these don't eclipse it, they're also worthwhile musings on love and relationships and the cultural and social pressures that shape them.

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Katie M. I've read appallingly little Ursula LeGuin. I always vaguely mean to remedy that.

Jeremy Preacher Start with this one - it's right up your alley, I think.

Katie M. Will do. You've already earned your recommendation cred :) I think I've only read... what's that famous one? ... googling... ah, Wizard of Earthsea. And The Beginning Place, which is like the randomest novella ever but there are scenes from it that I still think about all the time. And probably a few short stories in high school or whatever. Wait - didn't she write "The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas"???? I probably think about that story more than any other short story I've read ever. Good lord. I need to read more LeGuin. I probably could have finished 3 of her stories in the time it took me to write this pointless comment...

Jeremy Preacher Heh. Yeah, "Omelas" is hers, and worthy of the Hugo. It's a pity she's dead-set against putting her stuff online, but you can definitely find it at the library, and if not I can dig through my 25-volume collection of the Year's Best and find some of them.

Katie M. Ha, and two years later, this comment thread comes full circle. Thanks for the loan, buddy.

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