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The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman
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Dec 21, 07

bookshelves: fiction-young-adult
Read in February, 2008

At the end of the Golden Compass, when the purpose of the series is finally revealed i was apprehensive about where Pullman was going with the story religiously. but i have to say that from the start of this book i fell in love with Will Parry and his struggles at such a young age, the world of Cittagazze was mysteriious and i was eager to find out the history of a world where all the adults have fled in fear and children run wild and free to do as they please.

It was the charaterization of Will Parry, the mystery surrounding his mother's illness and his father's diasppearence, that carried the story for me, and later the friendship he builds with Lyra. Pulman's biased dipiction of religion and those who believe in god was worth a million eye-rollings. I'm all for respecting others opinions about god, but in these books ALL "God's people" who are in a position of power, are truly evil and ruthless in their cruelty, no exceptions.

I understand that Pullman's purpose was to encourage children to not blindly follow religious authorithy, or accept their explainations when they claim their actions of cruelty are acceptable due to their "good moralistic intentions" (which i think is a great lesson), but to focus soley on the negative aspects of religion to support his surmon is tastless and naive. Believing in God and following his teachings does not rob you of social and personal conciousness, its the religious expections of society and the unrealistic quest for holy perfection that causes overly religious people to justify their idiocracy by claiming God's name.

All things religious aside i loved Will, the concept of a knife that can cut through anything and the imaginative worlds he and Lyra venture to and their determination to seek their own truth.

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