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Bear Necessities by Dana Marie Bell
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Aug 20, 2010

really liked it
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Read from August 19 to 20, 2010

Alexander Bunson, also known by the nickname Bunny, arrives in the town of Halle, PA with his cousin because they are concerned about Chloe, his young cousin who lives there. As Alex is wandering around the town thinking about going into a comic book store (he loves manga and anime), he scents his mate in a tattoo parlor. Turns out his mate is a green-haired Wolf shifter named Tabitha - yes she is a Wolf named Tabby.

Tabby has had a rather hard life the past few years. She was kicked out of her pack and became an Outlaw after being accused of something she didn't do. She ran as a wolf for years until she found the town of Halle, where the Puma shapeshifters accepted her. She works in the tattoo parlor with her friends but is lonely and frightened because another Wolf shifter is harassing her. When Alex finds her, she knows right away he is her mate and she is very attracted to the huge man.

Sparks fly immediately between Alex and Tabby. However, their mattress dancing plans are interrupted when Alex's cousin is found badly beaten by some unknown person. Now Alex is trying to find out what happened to his cousin and trying to keep Tabby safe from her stalker Wolf. Tabby is scared for Alex's sake because she knows her stalker has other wolves to back him up. What Tabby doesn't realize is that Alex may seem like a big Teddy bear but he is actually a Grizzly bear who will take down anyone who comes after his mate.

What a sexy and funny story! Alex was a great hero. He is a big guy who gets teased because he loves manga and he does yoga all the time. But he practices yoga to keep his grizzly bear under control because when he gets really angry, he is capable of a lot of violence. He doesn't mind the name Bunny, he likes to see people's reaction to his name. I love the way he falls hard and fast for Tabby. He wants to keep her safe but he also gives her room to take care of herself. Basically, he is a big ol' softie unless you attack his family or mate (then he will probably remove your arms and beat you with them) or when he is in the bedroom (he was demanding and sexy as hell - and a bit rough in a good way).

I liked Tabby too. She had a rough time before coming to Halle but she found friends there and was happy. I liked her lime green hair (though I would be scared that it would ruin my hair to bleach it out then dye it) plus she is a strong survivor who learned to stand on her own and still find friends. Tabby recognizes what a great guy Alex is (yes she calls him Alex not Bunny) and feels very lucky to have a mate and ready made family (his is big and close knit). These two steamed up the pages with their hot loving. Tabby liked to ummm suck his carrot and Alex liked things a little rough and dirty.

Alex and Tabby were really sweet as a couple, they both were so happy to find each other. The story was funny and sweet and the love scenes were scorching hot. This is part of a series but I think you would be fine to just read this one, you just wouldn't know the background of every character but you would easily be able to enjoy the romance and follow the story.
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Catherine The Jungle Book song started running through my head when I saw the title and now it won't get out!

Dina Great review, Melissa. You had me at "Bunny and Tabby", LOL. *adds book to Wish List*

You said that this book is part of a series like there are previous books to read, but GR says it's the 1st book in the Halle Sisters series. I'm confused.

message 3: by Catherine (last edited Aug 20, 2010 08:25AM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Catherine Great review! This seems like one I would enjoy.

Do you feel that their relationship development was brushed over because they were already mates? I ask because it irritates the crap out of me when authors do that.

MelissaB Dina - well, the other books were primarily Puma shapeshifters as the leads, I think this series is going to be the Bear shifters. I don't think you need to read the others first, these two don't really know most of the people featured in the other books until they meet part way through. Basically, I think you can start here easily (but I also liked the other books too)

Catherine - no I didn't think that. The progress of their relationship was quick but that is very common in these stories. I really liked this one and had no problem with the pace of the relationship.

Dina Thanks, Melissa. I'll start with this one. If I like it, I'll get the other books.

Catherine Cool, thanks for the info! I'll check it out.

MelissaB I really like the cover on this one (that I see here since it's an ebook). The hero is half white, half African American and he shaves his head - so I think this picture shows a great image of him. Plus the model is hot!!

message 8: by Rane (new) - added it

Rane Awesome Review Melissa *Rawr* That Cover model is hot, but I can stop humming now to the Jungle Book's "Bear Necessities"

Bark's Book Nonsense This sounds great. The character's sound really unique.

MelissaB BarkLessWagMore wrote: "This sounds great. The character's sound really unique."

They are unique and fun!

message 11: by AgentScully (new)

AgentScully Great review Melissa! You got me at "liked to ummm suck his carrot" :-)

message 12: by MelissaB (last edited Aug 20, 2010 06:03PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

MelissaB AgentScully wrote: "Great review Melissa! You got me at "liked to ummm suck his carrot" :-)"

Yep there was lots of oral going on with both of them. She loves Bunny's big carrot.

Hey I sent you a PM here.

Sarah Suck his carrot? Hahahahhahahhahaha damn you're hilarious

message 14: by Daisy (new) - added it

Daisy Great review! Do you mind if I link or paste your review to mine? (Giving you all the credit, of course). :)

MelissaB Daisy wrote: "Great review! Do you mind if I link or paste your review to mine? (Giving you all the credit, of course). :)"

That's okay

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