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The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls
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Dec 21, 2007

really liked it

great memoir though i am a little suspect of this whole genre...there's clearly no way she can remember such vivid details from when she was five -- i'm sorry. but i still enjoyed it.
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Paul thanks for your thoughtful response. i do think we more or less agree. i have no problem with an author writing someone she remembers even if it's not 100 percent the way someone else remembers it. it's her memoir and her memory and she can damn well write it the way SHE remembers it.

i do have a problem when someone like james frey intentionally makes things up. gilding the lily to make something a slightly better story is one thing -- totally making something up is quite another. frey deserves what he got from oprah.

message 2: by Cheryel (last edited Nov 18, 2009 01:49PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Cheryel Paul: I disagree with your statement that she couldn't recall memories at five years of age. I have verified memories from when I was 16 months old. The brain has two different places for speach, speaking and understanding speach. You develope understanding of speach long before you can speak. By-the-way, my mother was a paranoid schizophrenic. Maybe that's why my memories are so vivid.

Christina I agree - it's the minute detail of settings and surroundings, which read as though they are all part of the memory of the time. In reality she must have revisited places, and fleshed out half-remembered stories.

Marika Magdolna Oh my... I sooooo disagree that people can't remember things when they were 5?! I remember things from when I was four and five without a doubt... I lived in a communist country and escaped when I was 4 through the iron curtain. I don't remember day to day mundane events but I certainly remember lots and LOTS of moments and events and periods that were heightened with threat or pain or trauma... Everyone is different... For sure and everyone's ways of processing and managing their experience and memories are their own... Because one persons way is different than mine, doesn't mean it isn't as thy say...

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