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Relentless by Dean Koontz
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Jun 22, 2010

did not like it
Read in June, 2010

** spoiler alert ** This book started out with a great and frightening premise. The hero, a bestselling author, publishes his latest and the nation's premiere literary critic rips it to shreds. Obsessed with the critic's hatred of his latest work he contrives to see this critic and manages an odd encounter in a restaurant where the critic says one word to him, "doom" and then sets out to dismantle and destroy his life.

The author discovers that this critic is a madman, who has left a path of murder and mayhem across the path of the other authors he has panned in previous columns. Soon, he is on the run and this insane nutjob of a critic just keeps coming.

This makes for compelling reading through the first 90% of the novel. The reader wants to know why this madman is so intent on this destruction and how he is accomplishing it. HOWEVER--

This is a Dean Koontz novel-- and he has to introduce some supernatural or unbelieveable element. Enter the author's son, a little Einstein and a special collie named Lassie who keeps getting into odd places. Koontz total wrecks the tension of the novel by creating an unbelieveable climax that makes the reader beg for his money back.

This conclusion was so awful and ridiculous I threw my copy in the trash. I will not trade it in to another bookstore, I will not give it away, I will not donate it to a thrift store, I will not make it available for another living soul to read.

I've read and enjoyed some Dean Koontz novels.. and this one was enjoyable, though he kept hinting that the kid was going to do something amazing at the end.. Then, the novel went off the rails in what had to have been the WORST and SILLIEST plot twist in history. This was even more absurd than an episode of the A-Team (the television show, not the movie) with all of its bullets flying around and nobody ever getting wounded.... Sorry, Mr. Koontz, I doubt you will sucker me in again.

******* SPOILER ALERT!!!!********************

The kid invents a way to turn back time. The baddie is working with a secret organization that is trying to control the direction of art and culture. The dog doesn't just get into odd places.. she teleports-- because of something the kid invented, etc.

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