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Dark Embers by Tessa Adams
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Oct 18, 2016

really liked it
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Read in July, 2010

My Review:

Dylan MacLeod, dragon and King of the Dragonstar Clan, is unwillingly leading his people straight towards Death's door. During his four and a half century existence, Dylan's fought and won many a blood-soaked battle but the microscopic entity that's currently destroying his dragons is one battle he can't conquer. As if he wasn't under enough pressure, Dylan still has yet to find his mate and provide the clan a much needed heir. As the last pure-blood dragon, it's his duty to continue the line but despite the copious amount of sex he's engaged in throughout his four hundred plus years, his rampant efforts have yet to yield a mate. Now, after the recent loss of his sister to the disease that's succeeded in striking down his family one by one, Dylan concludes that it's time to take his fight outside the clan and solicit the help of humans.

Phoebe Quillum is no stranger to tragedy herself after loosing her family to first abandonment then violence and finally to disease. Now, after dedicating the last six years to the study of incurable diseases, more specifically lupus with a verging breakthrough, Phoebe is suddenly met with a financial roadblock that could potentially derail her studies forever. Unable to find new funding for her research, Phoebe is desperate and in the prime position to be plucked from reality. When Dylan approaches her about a strange disease that's killing his people, Phoebe is more than wary. While a lot of Dylan's story doesn't make much sense, when the gorgeous man offers her three million dollars to help him attempt to cure this unknown disease, Phoebe would be stupid to say no. It also helps that a burning hunger has ignited for Dylan on such a scorchingly hot primal level, that Phoebe's hormones won't let her say no.

Not since adolescence has Dylan been unable to control his dragon half but Phoebe's close proximity, lush figure and astounding intellect has the dragon within clawing to break free. Now is obviously not the time to be distracted from his mission to find a cure for his people but Dylan's fighting a losing battle as he's consumed with a burning need that will not be ignored. Knowing it'd be foolish to get involved with a human when he owes it to Dragonstar to find a dragon mate, Dylan tries hard to resist but his need and his dragon will not abide.

Never has a man affected Phoebe the way Dylan can. He's aggressive and domineering which would generally cause her to bristle with contempt. Instead Dylan invokes an uncontrollable lust that leaves Phoebe terrified but craving more. Trying desperately to resist falling in love with someone after learning that to love means to loose, Phoebe buries herself in the lab with the hope uncovering a cure to the mysterious disease that's killing people in the most heinous of ways. As gaps begin to widen with missing information, information that Dylan has purposefully withheld, Phoebe forces the truth from him and discovers a whole new realm of possibilities. While the news of Dylan being a dragon should rationally terrify her, Phoebe's scientific brain that relishes new discoveries, is overcome with curiosity and delight. But that interest also is emotional and endearing as Dylan reveals himself to her and Phoebe can't help but fall more and more in love with the infuriating man.

Unfortunately, when the sinister origins of the disease eating voractiously through the Dragonstar clan is unveiled, Dylan's and Phoebe's romance is put on hold. While Dylan was first to withhold information about his dragon heritage, its Phoebe's resistance that may prove to be deadly.

My Thoughts:

DARK EMBERS is a steaming hot and wonderfully entertaining erotic romance with the perfect balance of sex and plot. Too many times I've read an erotic novel and the worst has happened: I've become bored with the overabundant and redundant sex! It's true and I'm sure others have had a similar experience at one time or another. Certainly its a tenuous line between too much and too little sex and finding that balance must be more than difficult but when an author hits that perfect stride and sensual flow, she receives the result of a happily satisfied reader. With DARK EMBERS, the paranormal elements, animalistic dragon natures and understandable scientific aspects all make the perfect background for a high intensity ride of sex and romance. Lovin' it!

Another aspect that I'm lovin' about DARK EMBERS is its villains. They're not vampires, fanatical humans or any other mythical creature. They're dragons! Surprisingly, with dragons as the Dragonstar enemy, it humanizes the book and gives this paranormal read a realistic touch. It also allowed Ms. Adams to focus entirely on her dragons and really build their history and world rather than spending time creating another mythical enemy.

Sadly, there was one draw back to this book and that was the Happily Ever After. And before anyone gets scared, no, it wasn't that DARK EMBERS was lacking an HEA but rather that it just felt too easy. After both Dylan and Phoebe grapple endlessly with the reasons why they can't be together, the resulting outcome left little sacrifice on either of their parts. Of course while my inner reader is satisfied that they're happy, I wanted more of a dramatic finish. I'm also hoping that book two, HIDDEN EMBERS, doesn't have the same result. *fingers crossed*

For erotic romance fans that love and want an engaging paranormal plot, uber alpha males, and explosive sex, DARK EMBERS is a must read.
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Cindyg I read and loved this one too...I think it's going to make a great series.

Ashley Cindyg wrote: "I read and loved this one too...I think it's going to make a great series."

Me too Cindy! I can't wait for Quinn's book. The guy needs some lovin'.

Cindyg It's great to hear that it's going to be a series.

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