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Dec 28, 07

I adore the way Palahniuk writes, it's like having someone back you into a corner and not knowing if they want to hit you or fuck you...the tension is immeasurable. His language speaks to the gut, the primal drives that undulate in all of us just beneath the surface of our civility. THIS is the authors magic, the ability to make us feel so much with stripped down and raw language. The words roll around in the head and make us THINK about our role in the modern consumer society: Who am I? What does this mean? Where am I going in this ocean of chaos?

A lot of people have indicated that this is a purely masculine novel, written from and for the sweaty depths of the male mind. I understand but disagree, I do not think that the content/context narrows a woman's ability to "get" the meaning. I internalized this novel as much as any male. I GOT the meaning of the aggression, I GOT the tension that one feels wriggling in the box society has fashioned for us.I GOT the nauseous feeling thinking about our existence in a world where passive aggressive interaction is the norm.
Rather than condoning violence for the aggression's sake, Palahniuk offers it as a route to enlightenment, a way to turn inward and fulfill oneself rather than allowing society to do it for us. The fighting is simply the initiation into our personal reality, one that has been subverted over time and space... on purpose...because it's easier than looking at the Self.

Chuck Palahniuk and Tom Robbins are the men of my generation that tapped into our need for a modern mythos and initiation rituals. They began providing it by creating new places for one to explore the world as well as reinvigorating ancient tales and applying them to modernity.

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message 1: by Joy (last edited Dec 28, 2007 02:27PM) (new)

Joy Though I'm a huge fan of Brad Pitt and have seen all his movies... I have not seen the one made from this book. A friend has recommended time and again that I see the movie and he mentioned that it's more than a "guy" movie, making some of the points you make in your book review. I am now going to see the movie AND read the book, thanks to your review.

Anomie23 You perfectly capture Palahniuk's writing style! I have never heard it put that way, but it really makes sense. You also capture the spirit of the novel quite well. Your review has proven to be quite helpful in my research on audience reaction to the novel and film.

message 3: by Samantha (new) - added it

Samantha I also worship Palahniuk’s writing. He is very talented and uses his writing to display a lot of indirect facts, such as the consumeristic world we all now live in. I can relate to your review because I felt the same tension of wondering what’s going to happen next. When I found out who Tyler really was, all types of connections ran through my head, it all started to make sense. However, not all of it did. For example, I can’t help but think that the night he meets Tyler he is really unwarily meeting himself. That makes me wonder how that looked like in person. Someone who desperately needs medical attention was never treated. I feel as though if he were to be treated correctly by the doctor in the beginning, “Project Mayhem” would have never came into play. Palahniuk was very creative with how he laid his story out.

Eduardo Corona Sara I totally agree with you, Palahniuk makes us think about the society we truly live in and expands our view to see our consumeristic society. When you said “Rather than condoning violence for the aggression's sake, Palahniuk offers it as a route to enlightenment, a way to turn inward and fulfill oneself rather than allowing society to do it for us.” The way I saw Palahniuk creating a type of violence and aggression to show an extra sense of strong behavior to show an emphasis on what he wants us to see. That being that one can’t appreciate the importance of what life is without losing everything and going through self-destruction. I think Palahniuk is a very creative author, I like the way creates writing in form to be bear and strong by using strong words.

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