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Crown of Crystal Flame by C.L. Wilson
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This series, as a whole was amazing. I've been waiting rather impatiently for this one to come out. Then I put off buying it because I knew that when I finished it, it would be over. And I didn't want Rain and Ellie's journey to end.

So....As the closing book in this series, there were a few things that bothered me.

1. There was SO much happening, and SO many tragic events throughout the entire book, that it made what should have been a gut wrenching seemed anticlimactic. I honestly think that I was de-sensitized by all of the horrific events leading up to it. There was one point where I felt like I should have been a blubbering idiot. But I just could 't summon up the emotion to match the situation.

2. There were some loose ends that didn't get tied up. I'm hoping that she was leaving a door open for a spin-off series.

3. After all the build-up from the previous 4 books, the ending seemed a little rushed.

I guess all of my issues lead back to the end.

That said. I still think this is a wonderful series. One of the best I've read, to be more precise. And despite the end, I still gave it 4 stars because I stayed glued to the pages...sitting on the edge of my seat...stealing 5 minutes throughout my work day to read "just a few more pages".

I love Rain and Ellie. And I also look forward to, hopefully, one day learning more about the secondary characters in this series. They added just as much to this series as the primary couple. And I grew just as attatched to them. So....Ms. Wilson, if you could find it in your heart to write more about about this world, I would be greatly appreciative! ::wink::
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