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The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka
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Apr 28, 2014

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Read in January, 2007

being indifferent and bored. two things that when combined is very deadly.
makes you want to change... be something or someone just to be able to hang on to life only to lose it when your senses starts to fade away.

This is how Gregor Samsa felt, how he lived and the repercussions that came with it. He did have a monotonous life, it was so linear that the end point was so predictable. He started seeing life in black and white and his answers so automatic, movements become anticlimactic. It was as if, life was taken out of life itself. In Kafka's vision, such life is similar to that of an insect and to complete this transformation, you also lose yourself. Live like an insect, therefore be an insect.

But human emotion is a tricky aspect of self. You shed a tear when you are happy and you also shed a tear when you are sad. You hurt people that hurts you and end up hurting your loved ones more. Interesting enough, it was not Samsa's parents that his last thoughts contained but his sister. Throughout this novella, this is where I felt Samsa's being human. It was his relationship with his sister that made him want to try to act more human or rather, become the human he was potentiated to be.

We learn that things have limits, we can only drink or eat so much before we can get satiated. Even our life have limits, that it has its end. How we end it though is unlimited. We can end it the moment we learn about the concept of self or drag it out until our senile years. Samsa never lived his life. And when he learned that maybe he could and that he would, it was too late.

There are things far worse than death; Not all changes are for the better; And not all flying things are birds sometimes they can be cockroaches

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