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Born to Play by Dustin Pedroia
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Aug 10, 2010

it was ok
Read in May, 2010

Now, I can tell from a few pages in that this book is in no way going to increase my intellect with quotes such as "even from an early age I had decided that losing totally sucked". But I had to see my boy Pedro all the way thru just knowing the bullshit he put up with to get where he was. So you get this gist, this isn't a book if your looking to expand on SAT words, but to understand the meaning of WORK son!

Immediately the reader gets a view of why Pedroia has been so successful. Even out of the womb the kid was a cocky f*#k. His first stories are how his motor skills were far advanced as a baby and how at age 7 he could out hit 12 year olds or how his PE teacher set up 5 on one bombardment games and he'd still kick ass. Let's be honest this didn't happen, but that PE teacher will go to the grave stating otherwise. I mean I recall being the best football player on the playground. And I was the only girl. With a bowlcut. I'm sure that is still a true statement to this day ESP if I get famous in any athletic sense other than Rookie of the year in the "I would have been great but injury plagued me" club. Yea, I know what I am.

Digressing, some of it you know the author just took verbatim from Pedroia. Like "Kelli was excited to see the romantic side of Dustin Pedroia. I'm a real pimp." no self-respecting author writes that. Unless it's in jest. THEN it's ok.

No, Pedroia doesn't expect this book to escalate your SAT, GMAT or LSAT scores, but he writes from what he knows: hard work. That it takes an arrogance & desire beyond what most people possess to make a success story out of yourself when your own body is what's trying to hold you down.

And, he gets Boston. The passion the fans have, the love for their city and team and how he wants to play there for a very long time. Well Dustin, I'll tell you the day the Red Sox trade you or you retire, Red Sox Nation will be heartbroken, but you'll always have a place with us. We never forget such loyalty & hard-work. Thank you in more ways than I can express.

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