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Blood Oath by Christopher Farnsworth
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Jun 24, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: popcorn
Read from June 22 to 23, 2010

Summer reading, Ra, ra, ra! This is a book that wants badly to be a Sci-Fi original series. You know what, Sci-Fi? Sign on the dotted line. This book has television franchise potential written alllllll over it. Even while reading it, I pictured the action including cheap, poorly animated CGI special effects. Which isn't to say that I didn't love every minute of it.

Blood Oath combines everything you love about Angel, Chuck, and mismatched-partners-who-eventually-learn-to like-and-respect-each-other cop movies. Derivative? Cliche? Who cares? It's fun, which is its whole reason for existance. We've got:

1) A tortured old vampire, committed to fighting the forces of evil (and, oddly enough, protecting the American Way) who despises his own nature and refuses to drink human blood. This would be the Angel part, naturally.

2) A smart but hapless kid named Zach who, with no combat or law enforcement experience whatsoever, finds himself suddenly thrust into a world of violence, intrigue, and terrible secrets hidden in plain sight, shrouded in the penumbra of a treacherous secret agency called the Shadow Company that plans to destroy the American government (and possibly the world) from within. Chuck, anybody?

3) These two are assigned to one another as partners. They get along famously, forming a bond of mutual respect and affection upon first meeting. No, just kidding: they hate each other, but slowly come to like and rely on each other over the course of the book.

All that, plus vampire girlfriends, werewolf militias, soldier zombies, and the Baron von Frankenstien. Seriously, if you are reading anything else at the beach this summer, I gotta ask: why?

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Lauri So, I just bought this in a moment of weakness. Then realized how much my "Rapid Development: Taming Wild Software Schedules" is going to suffer because of it. Sucks to your asthmar, IT development stuff!

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