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Unperfect Souls by Mark Del Franco
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Jun 21, 2010

really liked it
Read in June, 2010

I am always depressed when I finish a book in this series- it means I now have to wait for more.

The Connor Grey books are a wonderful mix of CSI and urban fantasy. There is more of the police procedural than in many of the other urbans I read, and it gives the series a distinct sort of flavor.

The basic premise of the series revolves around Convergence, the result of a Faerie war that got out of hand and dumped Faerie into the modern human world. Neither human nor Fae are content with the resulting situation. It is a setting wonderfully plausible in its human standoffish attitude, combined with Faerie prejudice. The books take place in a section of Boston known as the Weird, a Fae neighborhood that is more or less as far down as you can fall for a Fae. There are the nobles, and the Celtic and Teutonic Courts are still functioning, but there is also the rest of the Faerie population, and we get to see the bottom of the social tier more often than not as Connor himself fell from the rich and powerful as a result of a conflict that damaged his powers, and his usefulness to his superiors. A lot of the discomfort between the noble and powerful Fae and the contents of the Weird come from Connor's own observations as he has experienced both. Unperfect Souls pays a lot of attention to the expandability of the Weird, in both Fae and human minds.

Unperfect Souls deals heavily with what is causing Connor's damage, and what the fallout from that may well be. Character growth abounds, both on Connor's part and that of his closest companions.

No twist in the brilliantly tense plot felt forced, scathing wit was well placed, and the plot builds with such intensity that made the book very hard to put down.

Unperfect Souls wasn't just the next book in a series, it was the payoff for the previous three books, and a launch into the next.

Start the series if you haven't. Grab Unshapely Things, the first Connor Grey book, and get reading. These really add something to the urban fantasy genre and should not be missed!
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