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Among the Living by Jordan Castillo Price
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Jun 21, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: suspense-thriller, read-in-2010
Read in June, 2010

I love proving myself wrong. After a conscious effort to stay away from stories featuring psychic characters, I read and liked The Long Way Home so much that I decided to brave another one, written by an author who is new to me, after seeing Mel's review. OMFG am I glad I made that decision. This book was fantastic and I am ADDICTED. Can't wait to read the rest of the series! Who woulda thought my new favourite m/m series would be paranormal, with shades of Eve and Roarke, and a dash of Eugene Tooms? Love it. 4 stars.
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message 1: by Mel (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mel OMFG am I glad I made that decision. This book was fantastic and I am ADDICTED

I know, right?!?
I have now officially read every story on jcpbooks.com. I'm on to her other series now :)

message 2: by K (new) - rated it 4 stars

K Wow you work fast :) I just saw you have read Sleepwalker. I've had no internet at home for 2 wks, only ipohone internet, it's driving me mental! I need to get it sorted this weekend so I can get back to my JCP reading!

message 3: by Mel (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mel Oh my god, the horror! At least you have your iPhone but it gets tiresome typing form there, doesn't it?
Well, it's mostly short stories so I doesn't take much time to finish. And especially the PsyCop series is so intriguing that it pretty much invites you to read it back to back.

Where do you have your JCP books? About half I downloaded to my computer as an epub file and then sent it to my iPhone ereader. The other half I downloaded directly on my phone. You could try to get the Petit Morts series for the meanwhile?

message 4: by K (new) - rated it 4 stars

K Yay I am back online at home! I read #4 last night, I had to FORCE myself to not start #5, seeing as Mondays are pretty hectic at work for me!

I have my JCP books on the Mac at home. I'm not so good with gadgets, the only time I have read books on the iphone is when I bought from fictionwise and smashwords, I'm too scared to try anything else. *cringes at own incompetence* But all good now, I can get back to feeding my JCP addiction :)

You reckon I should read Petite Morts after Psycops, or the one you just read Sleepwalker?

message 5: by Mel (last edited Jul 12, 2010 03:24AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mel Ooooh, I'm glad! I can teach you how to download stuff from my computer to your iPhone Stanza if you like. It's real easy!

I would advice you to read the Petit Morts first. If you read Sleepwalker now, because it's a longer story, it'll feel more like PsyCop. So you'll automatically compare Sleepwalker to the PsyCop series. And though I really liked Sleepwalker. the PsyCop series is better, so you might be disappointed.
I'd read the first two PM-stories and then read Sleepwalker if I were you.
Although I wouldn't wait too long to start Camp Hell because there is lots of overlap from Secrets.

message 6: by K (new) - rated it 4 stars

K Oh cool, just started Camp Hell, will go w Petite Morts after.

Thanks for offer of technical support :) but I think it will be a bad idea for me to have a wide range of books on my iPhone, I will never get any work done! I can hardly afford to buy all these books if I'm going to be unemployed :-p

message 7: by Mel (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mel LOL, we don't want that. Have fun with Camp Hell. The flashbacks were very well done.

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