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Night Rising by Chris Marie Green
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Mar 06, 14

Read from June 20 to 21, 2010

taking place in an alternate version of hollywood were vampires do exist, this book starts out with a character named dawn. she is searching for her father, who mysteriously disappeared, and ends up turning to a supernatural private investigator agency for help. at the same time, she is also searching for a boy named robby, a beloved child star likewise vanished, recently seen walking the sets a couple days ago. the problem? he reputedly died twenty-three years ago.

there's a good premise here. i liked the fact that there were different kinds of vampires and that their relationships to one another were hierarchical (mindless guards that look more like animals that humans, elite, prissy vampires that just have sex all the time, leaders, Masters). i also really liked how dawn's boss, the Voice, was doing the whole charlie's angels shtick and only communicating to his employees by microphone and camera.

the Voice scenes were pretty hot. for some reason, he's attracted to dawn and he has some pretty magical abilities that allow him to pursue his... ahem... interests without being physically present. i was kind of annoyed that you never get to actually find out what he looks like, though.

now for the reasons i didn't like the book. the protagonist, dawn, is not a likable character. she has major issues and she's bitter. this would be tolerable if she went through some character development somewhere along the way, but she doesn't. she embraces her inner bitchiness and spends most of the book bashing her parents.

also, the whole 'i'm-deeply-disturbed-and-self-medicate-through-sex' thing was kind of hokey. i felt like it was done extremely poorly. i mean, some guy invades her mind and the first thing she thinks is 'that's hot'? no fear or anything? and the worst part is, you have to sit through dawn's whole analysis of it. urk.

tell, not show appears to be this author's style. it got really annoying after a while and broke up some crucial plot points and fight scenes. the narrative should not distract from dialog and important descriptions. maybe if i was feeling more generous i'd give this book two stars out of five, but i'm not. so one star it is.
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