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Assassin's Heart by Monica Burns
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Jun 20, 2010

it was amazing
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Read in September, 2010

4.5 Stars

Lysander Condellaire has never recovered from the wounds inflicted upon him a year ago. All damage was made worse when he learned that the very Praetorian who inflicted is wounds is also is father. After being rescued by his fellow Sicari, he pushes the one person he cares for most away in fear of what she will think of him. Now in present day Rome, he dreams of an ancient time that feels all too real and is the only place he can be with the woman he loves.

Phaedra DeLuca has spent the last year suffering in silence at the loss of Lysander. Being the Sicari's best healer, she is sent to Rome to help find an ancient artifact that must not fall into the hands of her enemies. While there she also has vivid dreams of another time. Both learn that these dreams may be the key to unlocking the location of the artifact they seek and their chance at redeeming their lost love.

The worst part of Lysander's torture was learning who is father is. After the shocking news, he sees himself as tainted and pushes Phaedra away from him in fear of what she would think if she ever found out. It really tugs at your emotions to read the thoughts that go through his mind and Phaedra's pain of being without Lysander. She knows their time spent in bed together was more than just physical need and is confused and hurt by his sudden rejection. A year later they are forced together on a mission that sends them looking for The Tyet of Isis. While in Rome both dream of Maximus and Cassiopeia, the first Sicari Lord and his wife. These glimpses into the past were both beautiful and heart breaking to read. Aside from helping them on their mission, the connection and feelings their past lives bring up helps to bring Lysander and Phaedra closer together.

Lysander is both frustrating and heroic (I've never wanted to hug and slap someone more than I did him) and Phaedra is caring and selfless in her healing. The relationship between Lysander and Phaedra is one of my favorites of the genre.

Aside from Lysander/Maximus and Phaedra/Cassiopeia's story, Atia (the Prima Consul aka the boss) has secrets of her own we are learning about. Her past relationship with Sicari Lord Marcus is coming to light and we learn the two have a painful history of their own. In Assassin's Honor Atia felt cold to me and just not a character I think I'd like. I can't say she is my favorite person now but her character gets more depth to it and her faults and secrets make her more feel normal. Also, the Praetorian are coming at the Sicari stronger than ever. They kill the male Sicari without mercy and do even worse things to the women. The Sicari have a rough road ahead and I look forward to being there for it all.

Monica Burns takes her already wonderful series to another level in Assassin's Heart. She truly does the Paranormal Romance genre justice. If you're a fan of romance, action, great world building and a bit of mystery and adventure then The Order of Sicari books are for you. Saying I'm excited for the next book in the series doesn't begin to cut it.

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