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Relentless by Dean Koontz
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May 15, 2011

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Read in December, 2009

This novel is strange, different, not at all what you are expecting but it's wonderful in ways that even I dont understand yet. I think so very often in this digital age we get overly saturated with every person's oppinion before experiencing the item in question, I try not to let them sway me and still have my own saying, wether it's good or bad, I want to have my own feeling on the item, especially when it's a book. After reading "Relentless" new impressions and conclusions are still popping into my head, like a good meal it's enjoyed even after the last crumb has been consumed. It's a furiously fast read in the beginning and it gets gooey and the eccentric ias it probes deeper, and the enigmatic character of Shearman Waxx adds a lot of excitiement to the whole ordeal. He's like a beast in horror movies, glimpess of terror here and there, the less is known and shown then scarier he is, in the end the truth comes out but even more quetions open up. I enjoyed this novel, it was a fun read, that's what books are about, the journey itself, we get to read the complex thoughts and scenratios that someone else's whole body created, their mind, soul and outlook on life are the pages itself with a plot which carries thier word out into the open world.

I dore books and reading, so this was a special treat, a book all about a writer and his aggrevating nemesis, the mean old reviewer who spews out and effluvia of insults and stabs, black words about his latest creation. I'm sure an angry reviewer can be any author's nightmare, the boogey man that shouldn't really matter but who stil manages to haunt and occpy some of their mind's time. This novel isnt' about constuctive criticism but about something deepr, a hungry need to eradicate something that Waxx doesnt like, and that something is the main protagonist, Cullen 'Cubby' Greenwich. His latest work gets a review so bad that the author of it not only rattles Cubby but turns his wholesome life upside down. An attack in the dark, in the middle of the night shakes the whole family and changes their lives forever. They realize that Waxx is not as harmless as he seems, his words aren't his only weapons, there are authors out there who lost their loved ones and the gossip says that Waxx was the one who did it...the man is unstoppable, mean, evil, and worst of all relentless..the battle begins, as insane as it seem it's as real as their wish to keep on living. Cubby, his wife Penny and son Milo are on a journey that will literally flip their world upside down. Elements of sci-fi, creepy horror and grotesque mutilations peak in and out, making this a riveting read.

Koontz has been a staple on my bookshelves ever since I was twelve, and every time he churns out a new book I get excited, one more to add, one more for my collection of delectable reads that keep me up at night and chase my thoughts during the day, reading is fantastic and he certainly adds to it. Some will love his new stuff and some won't, regardless his books are fun and exciting, with cool themes, and I especially love the supernatural element he often weaves through, you never know if the book has it or not, but it adds a bit of spice that I enjoy.
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message 1: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne I have to say this was not one of my Koontz favorites.

message 2: by Kasia (last edited Aug 02, 2013 07:06PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Kasia Everyone seems to hate it lol! Its cool, maybe my tastes will improve :P

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