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The Naming by Alison Croggon
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Jun 17, 10

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Read in June, 2010

I did enjoy the book, although it's a bit of a slow pace. The idea is interesting and the plot line has its twists. The characters are interesting, and it's nice to see that the author didn't go straight for the romance between Maerad and Cadvan, as well as used Maerad's past to determine her reactions towards romantic advances.

My main problem with the book was the endless description and repetitive plot. (traveling.) It's nice to hear some of the scenery description, and the description Croggon does she does well, but there's simply way too much of it. I felt my eyes glossing over the description as it went on, and on, and on. It was overdone and got boring after awhile. The action scenes she did I liked, but the endless travel and endless description of the lands...she could have filled the pages in a much better way.

I was hoping that Maerad and Cadvan would advanced a little more in their relations to each other as friends, but apart from the initial 'get to know you' interaction, they didn't seem to grow much as friends. I almost felt like their friendship was very one-dimensional at times.

I would recommend this book if you have a lot of time and some patience. It's an enjoyable read, but by no means a quick one. However, it might be worth your time to skim over some of the description.

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